Desensitized means “To lessen the sensitiveness of.” “To make less sensitive or wholly insensitive to.” “To reduce the sensitivity of.” “To render insensitive.” “To make indifferent, unaware, or the like, in feeling.” “To make a person emotionally insensitive, unresponsive, or callous through long exposure or repeated shocks.” “To make a person less likely to feel shock or distress at scenes of cruelty, violence, or suffering by overexposure to such images.”

God created us with a moral conscience, as an innate way of knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil.

The moral conscience of a Believer should be emotionally-sensitive. When I say “emotionally sensitive” I’m not referring to being a hyper-emotional basket-case, soft and sentimental, gushy, warm and fuzzy, or pink and fluffy. I’m referring to being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and feeling a natural disdain, disgust, anger, and repulsion towards sin, evil, wickedness, perversion, injustice, and cruelty. That is what I mean when I say that a Believer’s moral conscience should be emotionally-sensitive.

One of the negative consequences of our high-tech TV-addicted twitter generation is that we are at greater risk of being desensitized and becoming a generation of sociopaths.

A sociopath is someone who has little to no regard for the feelings and welfare of others. They lack a moral compass, have no conscience, and feel no guilt or conviction of sin. In short, a sociopath is someone whose moral conscience has been totally desensitized.

1 Timothy 4:1-2 warned that in the last days many professing Christians would “turn away from the True Faith; they will follow seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. These people are hypocrites and liars, and their consciences are DEAD.” The King James Version uses the expression “having their conscience SEARED with a hot iron.” 

The Greek word “kaustēriazō” translated as “seared” in 1 Timothy 4:2 means “1) to mark by branding, to brand, branded with their own consciences a) whose souls are branded with the marks of sin b) who carry about with them the perpetual consciousness of sin 2) seared 3) in a medical sense, to cauterize or remove by cautery” (Strong’s Concordance #G2743). Cautery is the process of destroying a tissue by burning it with a hot iron.

This passage of Scripture is not speaking of sociopaths who do not profess Christ, such as the Columbine killers, Charles Manson, and Aleister Crowley. It’s referring to those who claim to be Christians, yet are sociopaths without natural affection for God and human life.

The seducing spirits and doctrines of demons that they follow are the “hot iron” which sear and numb their conscience. The end result is someone with a form of godliness whose moral conscience has been rendered dead, insensitive, unfeeling, and hardened.

Desensitization of the moral conscience is a work of the devil.

Satan knows that if someone’s moral conscience is desensitized, they won’t feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit, they won’t feel any guilt for their own sins, nor will they be bothered or concerned about the sins of others. They will also lose their sense of right and wrong, good and evil.

This is a scary condition for someone to be in — because if someone doesn’t feel convicted for sinning against God, they won’t see themselves as a sinner in need of salvation through Jesus Christ. They won’t feel the Lord when He knocks on the door of their heart. And they will sit there passively and negligent with an indifferent attitude while people around them perish in sin and suffer harm at the hands of others. And since they have lost their sense of right and wrong, good and evil, they can be easily convinced that evil is “good” and good is “evil.”

When I observe the landscape of churchianity today, I see that many professing Christians are in this condition. Their moral conscience has been desensitized, especially as it pertains to sexual sin.

WAKE UP! The Devil Wants To Destroy You By Re-Programming Your Sexual Ethics

Jesus said that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). One of ways that he does this is by overthrowing the sexual ethics of God and slowly but surely replacing them with sexual anarchy.

God’s ethic on sex is very simple: ALL manner of fornication (sex outside of marriage) is forbidden as a sin against God and your own body. Sex is only appropriate within the confines of marriage — marriage being the holy and blessed union of a husband and his wife, NOT a man and a man or a woman and a woman.

Sexual anarchy is the reprobate philosophy that There are no rules  and no black and white when it comes to ethics on sex. Everything is relative and different shades of gray. Premarital sex, open marriages, group sex, incest, bisexuality, homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality. . . . anything goes. Do whatever you want. If it feels good, it is love, it is pure, it is normal, it is natural. You are the god of your own sexuality. Judeo-Christian ethics on sex are primitive, archaic, outdated, bigoted, and narrow-minded.”

Many people are unwittingly being re-programmed and indoctrinated into sexual anarchy, just as a frog is slowly killed by gradually turning up the fire so that it doesn’t notice that it’s being cooked. It happens incrementally, step by step, through a gradual process.

The ultimate goal of this gradual process is to bring mankind to a place where they have totally turned against God’s order and embraced Satan’s inverted perverse disorder, and become so warped that they no longer reflect any semblance of God’s image, but instead reflect the image of Satan. Thus the order of God will be seemingly overthrown, and Satan will receive worship from a delusional populace who reflect him and are headed to destruction.


As the masses regress further and further away from the order of God, they are deceived into believing that they are “stepping outside of the box” “being more open-minded” “abandoning and outgrowing primitive archaic traditional beliefs and values” and “evolving to a higher level of consciousness.” But the truth is that they are devolving into a beastly animalistic state like the days of Noah.

Pre-marital Sex Is Now Socially-Acceptable & Glorified

The first step in Satan’s push towards full-blown sexual anarchy was desensitizing the masses towards pre-marital sex. This happened during the “sexual revolution” of the 1960’s. There was a notable regression in social attitudes towards sex. Western culture in particular, became more acceptable of sex outside of marriage, and the social stigma attached to premarital sex was removed for the most part. “Free love” was the mantra of the era and rampant fornication became falsely labeled as “liberation.”

Due to the demonic work of radical feminists like Margaret Sanger [the founder of Planned De-Parenthood], birth control and abortion were promoted as a way to have all the sex you want, without having to worry about the “burden” and “inconvenience” of getting pregnant and having to give birth. Thus, sex was divorced from its main purpose [procreation], and it became promoted as a way to obtain pleasure, liberation, and self-empowerment.

Nowadays premarital sex is rampant and viewed in a nonchalant manner. Jumping in and out of bed and “hooking up” with folks has become so common that if you practice abstinence, you’re accused of being a “prude” “a square” and “too serious.” Women who practice abstinence are accused of being “stuck up” and called the “b” word by disrespectful doggish males. And men who practice abstinence are teased and viewed as “uncool.” The media glorifies whores and pimps, which implies that being promiscuous is “hip” and “trendy.”

sexual revolution

Stopping by Planned De-Parenthood for an abortion can be done with the ease of stopping by McDonald’s drive-thru for a cheeseburger. And the public’s response to abortion is about the same as telling them you went to McDonald’s for lunch. . . . . it’s not a big deal.

Many couples today use abortion as birth control and will dare you to express an ounce of concern about it. Thousands of babies are murdered in cold blood everyday at Planned De-Parenthood, and what is the public’s response? Crickets, indifference, and cliches to the effect of “Who cares? We have bigger issues to worry about like the fiscal cliff. It’s a woman’s right to choose, so shut up!”

Both premarital sex and abortion have become not only socially-acceptable, but celebrated and glorified by celebrities, politicians, and activists.

Homosexuality Went Mainstream Before Our Very Eyes

We are now observing the fulfillment of the next step towards full-blown sexual anarchy, which is to remove the social stigma from homosexuality and normalize it, putting it on par with and even superior to heterosexuality. But it doesn’t end there. . . .

After homosexuality is no longer viewed by society as “sinful, immoral, unnatural, abnormal, perverse, and unhealthy” — the next step is to remove the social stigma from pedophilia [sexual lust in an adult for a child]. That’s right. . . next in line behind the homosexual activists are the pedophile activists, and they are fully prepared to use the same strategies and rhetoric as the LGBT movement. One of those strategies is desensitization.

Desensitization has proven to be a very effective strategy for homosexual activists. If you think I’m being “paranoid” and making this up, read their own words. The following quote comes from a homosexual activist manual called “After The Ball” by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen: “(1) Desensitization: “Desensitization,” wrote Kirk and Madsen, means subjecting the public to a “continuous flood of gay-related advertising, presented in the least offensive fashion possible. If ‘straights’ can’t shut off the shower, they may at least eventually get used to being wet.” “The main thing is to talk about gayness until the issue becomes thoroughly tiresome,” they say. “If you can get [straights] to think homosexuality is just another thing — meriting no more than a shrug of the shoulders — then your battle for legal and social rights is virtually won.” As the authors put it, homosexuals should be portrayed as the “Everyman.” “In no time,” they said, “a skillful and clever media campaign could have the gay community looking like the veritable fairy godmother to Western Civilization.”

gay collage

Ever wonder why every time you log on there’s a news headline about “gay rights”? Ever wonder why every time you turn on the news there’s a story about homosexuality? Ever wonder why more and more TV shows have homosexual characters? Ever wonder why the media is hiring more and more homosexuals and placing them in prominent positions? Ever wonder why our government is making it a point to hire more and more homosexuals and place them in positions of authority? Ever wonder why all of a sudden, psychologists and psychiatrists are pushing bunk “data” about homosexuality? Ever wonder why there are so many commercials today about “bullying” and being “tolerant” towards homosexuality? It’s not because most people are interested in homosexuality or support “gay rights.”

It’s because the ruling elites and the dark forces behind them know something about the moral conscience that many people DENY. . . . that we’re influenced and shaped by what we see and hear. They know that if they bombard the eyes and ears of the public with homosexuality, it will gradually wear down the defenses of the public and desensitize their moral conscience.

The goal is to shift one’s moral conscience from feeling disdain and disgust towards homosexuality, to not even blinking or batting an eye when one sees 2 men kissing or a lesbian dressed up like a man saying that she wants to get her breasts cut off and get hormone therapy. The goal is to bring one to the place where people who AREN’T desensitized are viewed as “homophobic, bigoted, weird, fanatical, extreme, and hateful.”

Pedophilia, Hiding In The Wide Open

The kingdom of darkness is using the world-system (i.e., the corporate-owned media, the govt-controlled educational system, the entertainment industry, pseudo-science, apostate religions, etc) to flood the mind of the public with images of homosexuality and thereby desensitize their moral conscience. But as I stated above, removing the social stigma from homosexuality isn’t the end-all-be-all. . . .

Satan wants full-blown sexual anarchy, and removing the social stigma from pedophilia is the next step in his plan.

The photo above is an actual statement from a “mental health” group called B4U-ACT. They believe that pedophiles are “misunderstood” and they seek to eventually decriminalize pedophilia.

Unbeknownst to many, the enemy is using the media and the entertainment industry to slowly introduce pedophilia to the public. I will provide a few examples.

Remember that “cute” “innocent” comedy film called “Big” starring Tom Hanks? If you’re an 80’s baby, then it was probably one of your favorite childhood movies.

The story line is about a 12 year old boy named “Josh Baskin” who wishes to be big at a magic fortune-telling machine. Then he wakes up the next morning and finds himself in an adult body literally overnight. Sounds harmless right?

Well, Josh ended up landing a dream job with McMillan Toy Company, where he attracted the attention of a woman named “Susan Lawrence” (played by Elizabeth Perkins), a fellow McMillan executive. Then a romance developed, Josh moved in with Susan, and they ended up having sex. “What’s wrong with that??” you ask?


What’s wrong with that is Susan was an adult and Josh was 12 years old. She didn’t have sex with an adult male, she had sex with a boy. That’s inadvertent pedophilia. But of course, Susan didn’t know that she was sleeping with a 12 year old boy right? True enough. However, even after Susan found out that Josh was actually 12 years old (towards the end of the film), she didn’t show the slightest inkling of concern that she slept with a child. She was only despondent that their relationship was over.

Another example of desensitizing the public to pedophilia is the popular animated series “Family Guy” created by fire-breathing atheist Seth MacFarlane.

One of the characters on Family Guy is Megan “Meg” Griffin, the teenage daughter and eldest child of Peter and Lois Griffin. Meg is the oddball in her family and receives the least attention, and because of that, she’s extremely self-conscious and insecure. Her low self-esteem, insecurity, and desire for attention leads her to engage in dangerous sexual behavior for acceptance from others. Meg’s desperation and cry for attention is often used to place her in sexually perverse situations, some of which involve lesbianism, pedophilia, rape, and incest.

For example, on the episode “Don’t Make Me Over” Meg got a drastic makeover as a teen sex icon and lost her virginity on live TV to Saturday Night Live host Jimmy Fallon (who is now about 38 years old). That’s pedophilia.

In the episode “Deep Throats” Meg had a secret affair with “Adam West,” the old senile mayor of Quahog, Rhode Island.” That’s pedophilia once again.

“Big Man On Hippocampus” is an episode where Peter lost his memory. In a particular scene, Peter reacquainted himself with having sex with Lois. Although the actual sex act was not shown, it did show Peter having an orgasm. Immediately following this scene, the next morning the Griffins were in the kitchen for breakfast and Peter said to his children “If sex with the rest of you [his teenage son and daughter, toddler, and dog] is half as good as it was with her, then I think we’re all gonna get along just fine.” Chris responded by throwing his arms in the air with glee and yelling “Yea!!” Lois then tells Peter “But no. . . no Peter, you can’t have sex with the kids.” Then Meg responds to Lois with a joke about incest saying “I wish you told him that before he lost his memory.” The Griffins then gasp at Meg’s joke and Chris kicks her out of the kitchen. However, notice that no one said anything to Chris about his excited reaction to his father’s sexual advance. This scene suggested pedophilia, bisexuality, incest, and bestiality.

“Glenn Quagmire,” the Griffin’s perverted next door neighbor, is a pedophile who shows repeated sexual interest in Meg. He often asks her if she has reached the age-of-consent. On the episode “Meg and Quagmire” Meg turned 18 and Quagmire came close to having sex with her at his cabin, until Peter and Lois arrived to stop it from happening. The fact that Meg turned 18 on this episode is of little consequence, because Quagmire wanted to have sex with her while she was underage.

In the episode “Brian Sings and Swings” a lesbian student named “Sarah” invited Meg to join her Lesbian Alliance Cub. Meg pretended to be a lesbian to fit in and faked an attraction to Sarah, even kissing her to prove it. At the end of the episode, Meg went to Sarah’s house to confess that she lied about being a lesbian. Yet Sarah thought that Meg came over to have sex, and even undressed herself when Meg told her that she lied. And guess who was hiding in Sarah’s closet the entire time hoping to watch 2 underage girls have sex? Glenn Quagmire.

Herbert, an elderly homosexual pedophile, is another perverted next door neighbor of the Griffins. He openly lusts after Chris Griffin (for example in the episode “To Love and Die In Dixie”), yet Peter and Lois are totally oblivious to the fact that Herbert is sexually attracted to their teenage son.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the many references in Family Guy to homosexuality, bisexuality, group sex, incest, pedophilia, and bestiality. Yet this vile cartoon holds a TV-PG and TV-14 rating, and won a Teen Choice Award.

Anyone who regularly watches this purveyor of moral depravity and blasphemy is just soaking their mind in sexual anarchy. It’s frustrating and upsetting to think that many “Christian” parents let their impressionable children immerse their eyes, ears, and souls in such demonic filth.

Using Humor To Make Light Of Evil

Perhaps professed Christians have deceived themselves into thinking that “it’s not that serious” because it’s overlaid with humor. However, humor is one of the tricks used by the media to socially-engineer and desensitize the moral conscience of the public. Media moguls know that people are more apt to let their guard down when watching a comedy. And comedy programs have been known to strategically place a fake laughing track over a crude joke that actually isn’t funny, in order to indoctrinate their audience into a particular point of view, belief, or ideology. By accompanying the idea with laughter or humor, the viewer is more apt to let their guard down and believe that “it isn’t a big deal. It’s just a joke.”

In the eyes of God, sexual sin is no laughing matter. There is absolutely NO context in which premarital sex, group sex, homosexuality, incest, pedophilia, rape, or bestiality can be made entertaining and humorous.

Where is the discernment of the American public, especially professing Christians? Are parents today so blind and spaced out that they let their children watch a cartoon that promotes sexual anarchy through cutaway gags? Is the gross lack of discernment a judgment from God upon this nation for rejecting knowledge of Jesus Christ (Romans 1:18-34)? Are flippant replies like “You’re reading into things. It’s just a TV show” a sign that people are under a strong delusion? Maybe I’m wasting my time. Maybe I’m not.

The fact of the matter is that desensitization by the media is a well-documented phenomenon. And considering Seth MacFarlane’s radical views on homosexuality and his passionate support of homosexual activism, one can only wonder why every other punchline on Family Guy is about sexual perversion. Is he just trying to be “edgy” and “push the envelope”? Or is he simply using crude ‘humor’ to sneak past the mental guard of the public and re-program the sexual ethics of his viewers?

No matter how much people try to deny the media’s role in desensitizing the public to pedophilia, the goal to remove the social stigma from sex with minors/children is very real, and it won’t go away just because one covers their eyes and ears to “see no evil, hear no evil.”

The entertainment industry sexualizes children and literally salivates over them, awaiting the day they turn 18 so that they can pose nude on the cover of some raunchy men’s magazine. Little girls are dressed up like grown women and paraded on reality TV shows for pedophiles to obsess over. Why is the sexualization of toddlers being given a platform on mainstream TV? And how do you think that will impact the rapid incline of child sexual abuse in this country?

In 2010, Miley Cyrus (who was 17 years old at the time) performed a tacky duet with Bret Michaels (who was 46 years old at the time) about getting naked and fornicating. And what was Bret Michael’s response? “It got really controversial for no reason, and it’s kind of a bummer, because it took away from how beautiful the song really is.”

In 1994, the late R&B female vocalist Aaliyah and the R&B icon R. Kelly tied the knot at a secret wedding ceremony. At the time, Aaliyah was only 15 years old [which would imply that she and R. Kelly were in a relationship before she was 15] and R. Kelly was 28.

2 years later in 1996, Kelly ended up in court for multiple counts of child pornography and engaging in group sex with a high school freshman and other minors. Sadly, to my utter disgust and indignation, the jury acquitted him and he walked away scott free saying “I am not a perfect person.” To date, R. Kelly is unrepentant and many [not ALL, but many] “church-going” Black folks stuck their heads in the sand denying that it was R. Kelly on that sex tape and excusing his behavior with despicable lines like “All have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. We just need to pray for him.” They still financially empower him by buying his music and attending his concerts, and they still let him sing in their churches around their children. Some black women even said that R. Kelly really didn’t do anything wrong because “those girls were fast anyway.” As if to imply that if a child is promiscuous, it’s okay for an adult to take advantage of them sexually. But who was suppose to be the adult in the situation? R. Kelly? Or the underage girls?

In September of 2010, 4 young men filed separate lawsuits against “bishop” Eddie Long [of New Birth Baptist Cult Church in Atlanta, Georgia] alleging that Long used his pastoral influence to coerce them into sexual relationships while they were minors. The plaintiffs claimed that Long placed them on the church’s payroll, and lavished them with cars, gifts, and trips around the world. Long would twist Scripture to justify and support his sexual relationships with them. Once again, many “church-going” Black folks turned a blind eye to not only this scandal, but all of the signs that Eddie Long is sexually perverse.

eddie long

T.D. Jakes brushed off the Eddie Long scandal by saying that “It’s under the blood” and we should just “pray.” If T.D. Jakes doesn’t know what happened as he claims, then why did he turn around and say that “It’s under the blood”? That statement implies that Jakes knew Eddie Long sexually violated those young men while they were minors. Otherwise, there would be no crime to put “under the blood.”

Jakes slapped the victims of Eddie Long in the face with the backhanded comment that “if there was actually misconduct, the young men involved in the case were old enough to make their own decisions. They are not juveniles. I think it’s a little different from a 10-year old who can’t speak for himself,” Jakes said. “When you take these older boys, who can make decisions, old enough to drive a car, old enough to go to war. . .”

Did you catch that? Did you detect how T.D. Jakes tried to cover up for Eddie Long by minimizing the egregious nature of the crime? Jakes implied that when victims of sexual abuse are teenagers “it’s a little different from a 10-year old.” Different how??? Whether a child is 10-years old or 15 years old, children are suppose to be protected, guided, and nurtured by adults — not sexually coerced by adults! And a so-called “bishop” at that. Not only did Eddie Long commit adultery, but he slept with MALES, which makes him bisexual — and on top of that they were YOUNG BOYS, which makes him a pedophile. How did Jakes overlook ALL of that? Because he’s a narcissistic sociopath with sexual perversion in his own backyard.

In February 2009, his son Jermaine Jakes was arrested and charged with indecent exposure for exposing himself to 2 male vice detectives and masturbating in the open at a park. Keep in mind, at that time, Jermaine was a youth leader at Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas.

Then we have one of T.D. Jakes’ “spiritual sons” NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin. In July of 2011, Irvin posed in a sexually suggestive manner on the cover of a gay men’s magazine called “Out” to promote same-sex ‘marriage.’ The background story behind Irvin’s homosexual advocacy was his cross-dressing homosexual brother who died of AIDS in 2006. Now catch this. . . . Irvin credits T.D. Jakes with helping him accept his brother’s homosexuality. And to date, Jakes has not disputed this nor spoken against Irvin’s homosexual advocacy and his questionable feature in a gay men’s magazine.

Then we see Jakes teamed up with the New Age high priestess and media mogul Oprah Winfrey, who believes that homosexuality “is a gift from God.” Jakes also got caught a few years ago smuggling slanderous sexual innuendos into a sermon that Ruth and Naomi’s relationship bordered on lesbianism. What!? No Believer in their right mind would interpret borderline lesbianism in the story of Ruth and Naomi. Jakes is seeing homosexuality where it isn’t. He seems to do that often.

On Sunday May 18, 2008, a group of unrepentant homosexual activists from an LGBT organization called “SoulForce” attended The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. After the service, SoulForce activists and 4 top leaders on Jakes’ administrative team had a private meeting to “to find common ground.” What common ground is there between a so-called Christian church and unrepentant homosexual activists? If you read through the SoulForce website, it’s clear that they aren’t interested in hearing the Gospel and repenting before the Lord Jesus Christ who declared homosexuality as an abomination. They view the properly exegeted Scripture as discrimination” and “oppressive.” Yet Jakes agreed to on-going conversations with SoulForce activists.

What is my point in sharing all of this about Jakes? To show you that when he covered for Eddie Long, he was actually covering for himself. People who are wrapped up in sexual perversion will not and cannot expose sexual perversion, but rather they will cover it up, conceal it, minimize it, and deflect from the truth to hide their own dirt. That is why T.D. Jakes took sides with Eddie Long in total disregard for the victims, saying that they were old enough to make their own decisions. Let it be known that the notion of a child being mature enough to make their own decisions (as it pertains to sex) is one of the perverse beliefs used by pedophiles to justify the sexual abuse of children. As we speak, this perverse belief is being used by pedophile activists who argue that “it should not be illegal to have sex with children, because they are able to make their own decisions.”  Am I pointing this out to imply that T.D. Jakes is a pedophile? No. I’m simply showing you that he used the same ‘logic’ as a pedophile, which I find interesting considering that the situation he commented on involved pedophilia.

And as for Jakes’ remark that “they are not juveniles.” A juvenile by definition is “a young person; youth.” So yes, Long’s victims were juveniles. Can someone send T.D. Jakes a dictionary? Does the “pope of the black church” not understand that juveniles are not mature enough to make their own decisions about sex and fly all around the world alone with a grown man who calls himself their “spiritual daddy”?

Klepto Creflo Dollar [the founder of Money Changers World Changers in Atlanta, Georgia] also covered up for Eddie Long, minimizing his abominable behavior as “a wreck” and reprimanding those who rightly left New Birth Baptist Cult Church, telling them to “go back!”

By automatically siding with Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar revealed that there is something sexually perverse within him as well. As a matter of fact, Dollar preached the most wretched twisted psycho-sexual sermon that I have ever heard — he said that when Christians have sex with one another it’s the same thing as having sex with Jesus! Yes, he really did say that. So I am not surprised that he refused to hold Long accountable.

Birds of a feather flock together, and wolves run in packs. Yet millions of professing Christians continue to follow and financially support this wolf pack — Eddie Long, T.D. Jakes, and Creflo Dollar. Interestingly, many of these very same people were irate over the Jerry Sandusky scandal. Is pedophilia only overlooked and minimized when it’s a “man of God” or a talented Hollywood celebrity like R. Kelly?

There is a spirit of perversion sweeping through the church-system like a tsunami. And because many professing Christians from the pews to the pulpit are immersed in this spirit in some way — either in their private lives or through some association with a homosexual advocate — they sit by idle while homosexuality and pedophilia stare them right in the face. Their lack of outrage and unresponsiveness is a fulfillment of 1 Timothy 4:1-2. They have fallen away from the True Faith and have a seared conscience.

Just recently (in May of 2012), the New York Court of Appeals ruled that looking at child pornography online does not constitute criminal possession or procurement of the images. In other words, it is now LEGAL to look at child pornography in the state of New York, as long as you don’t print, save, or download it to your computer. What on earth would motivate judges to create a loophole for pedophiles and indirectly empower those who create child pornography?? Is this what America needs? Softer laws on pedophilia? What ever happened to the human rights of children? Do people care more about the “rights” of homosexuals and pedophiles??

I am going to end here. But if you would like a better understanding of America’s rapid decline into sexual anarchy, I highly recommend that you watch the following documentary about an infamous sadomasochistic pedophile named Alfred Kinsey. His toxic influence on today’s sexual attitudes, soft laws against sexual offenses, and his impact on sex ed curriculum are startling and undeniable. He is highly revered by homosexual activists and pedophile activists as the godfather of the sexual revolution.

Get informed and get armed in the word of God. There is a spiritual war for your soul and the souls of our children. Be careful of what you and your children watch and listen to.

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