Since April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), I have decided to dedicate the entire month to raising awareness about child sexual predators in the church and informing Christians on how to recognize the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing and prevent their children from becoming a victim.

Everyday another mugshot is posted online of an alleged or convicted child sexual predator who masqueraded as a “nice Christian man” and used his ‘godly’ veneer and perceived authority to prey on children.

How can something like this happen in a Christian church?

Why do child sexual predators gravitate to churches, especially leadership positions?

Is child sexual assault in the church as prevalent as the media makes it seem?

What are the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing? What red flags should we look out for?

How should we respond to child sexual assault?

What can we do to protect our children and prevent them from becoming victims?

These questions among others will be addressed in the upcoming series “Pulpits, Pews, and Predators.”