The purpose of this series is to raise awareness about child sexual predators in the church and inform Christians on how to recognize the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing and prevent their children from becoming a victim.

The first installment in this series is about acknowledging that there IS a serious problem. This is the first step in combating child sexual predators.

Tune in, get informed, and spread the word!

3 thoughts on “[PODCAST] Pulpits, Pews, and Predators: Acknowledging The Problem

  1. Amy can you defend any of Cindy Trimm’s doctrine? There is no sin in trying those who claim to be Apostles/Prophets/teachers. Jesus commended folks in the church in Ephesus for trying and contending with those who taught false doctrine before the people of God.

    Revelations 2:2 I know thy works, and thy labour, and thy patience, and how thou canst not bear them which are evil: and thou hast tried them which say they are apostles, and are not, and hast found them liars:

    How can you prove people to be liars if you don’t test and try them based on their teaching. This whole idea that you cannot question “leaders” and “the anointed” is false and spiritual cowardice birthed in spiritual illiteracy. Jesus implores HIS pe

  2. Evelyn- I have very dire circumstances that have led me to rely heavily on prayer, not any prayer, but effective prayer to see life or death, healing and deliverances. I have seen more miracles than I can say due to effective prayers using scripture and words that change circumstances. I have learned. Y my life circumstances what works and doesn’t to release the power of God in my life And those I pray for’. It is all him and all glory is given to Him, not a person.

    My spirit is very grieved to see you call Dr Cindy Trimm a false prophetess because I am an intercessor and use her prayers to bring the healing hand of God to others in need, as well as myself. The Holy spirit has taken me to her prayers as I seek Him for the right words and effectual fervent prayers to Avail much.

    You must examine your motives. Only one of you is right and I shutter to think what your judgement will be for falsely accusing one who is mightily used by God in these last days. This woman is not calling herself this name, but you called her that.

    What does The Lord say of accusers of his righteous ones?

    Would this not be a blatant, radical judgment of a powerful servant of God? I believe that she is greatly pursuing the will of God and doing so effectively. God never said we must be poor to serve his kingdom. So if she sells a book and is blessed for her obedience, he call her a false prophetess? That is amazing to me as you look at her selling books as evil and sinful. It is not in the least.

    Do You realize that you are teaching a false humility doctrine? You will undoubtedly reap the consequence of leading others astray. To judge another who is seeking the kingdom is not your job, and to advertise that another is a false prophetess is grieving the spirit.

    I assume you are not spirit filled, nor do you pray in the spirit? If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit shows you profess to protect, I urge you to reexamine your accusations and make correction. To pull it is not enough, you should publish apology and over correct for those whom you have led astray!

    When I pull up dr Cindy Trimm on google, your post of false prophetess pops up- that is awful!

    What a shame and disgrace to see your post about her. You are blocking people from seeking the guidance of fervent prayer that releases the power of God over them, as I have found. She is the real deal and unfortunately you are being led by another.

    Your actions will have consequences, even if you take it down- you need to repent and make a major correction for the damage you are doing to the kingdoms of God since this post two years ago…

    It is the ONLY negative thing I see about her- and I believe it is false and harmful. You owe her a personal apology and all whose lives have been radically changed by the prayers she has prayed and shared. I will gladly buy copies of her books, but she also shares them on youtube, free transcripts and much more. Her information is free but some of us want to spend 10 bucks to have it in a book- why is that evil for her to sell it? Do you expect her to be homeless before you support her actions?

    You are misled and leading others down a false path. I get so angry when I see people like you sitting at your computer poisoning the fertile ground being diligently sown by others. Shes out there changing lives, seeking The Lord and msking a great impact. She will be greatly rewarded despite your attempt to smear her good name. God will take care of it-

    You are responsible for your actions. I don’t like big preachers who take people’s money but you are very misled to post false prophetess on her name. I seek The Lord in where to sow my money.

    Slanderers of Gods chosen ones will be judged greatly not by me but by Jesus, righteous judge of all!

    Shame on you-


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