Creflo Dollar Is A Tyrant [Watch Night Service 2016]

Let’s take a look at the qualifications for an elder. . . 1st Timothy 3 says that an elder must be gentle, self-controlled, and must not be violent. Titus 1 says that an elder must not be arrogant, quick-tempered, or violent. 1 Peter 5 tells elders “Don’t lord it over the people assigned to your […]

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The Power of God vs. The “Power” Of Things

Every week I see some new advertisement for the ‘power’ of things. You’ve seen it too. “The power of prayer” “the power of positive-thinking” “the power of purpose” “the power of destiny” “the power of sowing” “the power of prophecy” “the power of healing” “the power of success” “the power of tithing” “the power of […]

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