I’m on TuneIn Radio!


The Exit Churchianity podcast is now on TuneIn Radio = ) Just download the free TuneIn Radio app on your cellphone and search for the key terms “Exit Churchianity” and viola! Previous podcast episodes are now at your fingertips. Click here to visit the Exit Churchianity TuneIn Radio page.

Upcoming Podcast: “Saved, Sanctified, & Battling Depression”


Get ready for the next episode “Saved, Sanctified, and Battling Depression.”

It will be available this coming Friday at 8pm EST (Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.) on the Exit Churchianity podcast on Spreaker.com and iTunes.

This episode will be a special interview with a surprise guest, and we are inviting you to submit questions about dealing with depression as Believer in Jesus Christ.

My special guest will answer some of your questions in the interview. Please send your questions to exitchurchianity@gmail.com. We will be accepting questions until Wednesday evening at 8pm.

Come on over to Spreaker.com and create a FREE account to stay updated on podcasts.

Pray for us as we prepare to discuss this topic. We look forward to hearing from you!



Join Me On Spreaker!


I’ve been on a long hiatus from broadcasting, but I’m finally back on radio. Join me on Spreaker.com by clicking here.

For now, I will be uploading mp3 files from my computer to Spreaker. But eventually, and hopefully soon, I plan on broadcasting live and engaging guests and live callers. That means YOU  🙂

The broadcast will feature Christ-centered Biblical teaching, and address issues of concern within the body of Christ on a wide range of topics.

Come on by, create a Spreaker account, click “follow” and listen in!