Are You Still Waiting To Be “Released” Into Ministry? New

“Gospel” Artist Shirley Caesar & Church-Building Funds [Church Debt, Church Foreclosure, Church Mortgage Loans]

The Scripture-twisting of Elijah & the Widow, Money Lines, & Hustling CD’s In “Worship” Service ['Pastor' Chris Hill, 'Pastor' Andy Thompson, World Overcomers 'Christian Church']

The Imaginary Separation of Church & State [T.D. Jakes, E. Dewey Smith, The Interfaith Movement, Globalism]

“Sow A Seed” Manipulation ['Apostle' Sylvia W. Cunningham]

Is Your Leader Being ‘Attacked’. . . Or Corrected?

The Anointing Flows From The Head Down?

False Shepherds On Social Media

Do We Have To Pay A Price For The Anointing?

Protecting Our Daughters’ Purity [Raising Proverbs 31 Women]

“Praiseologist” Todd Hall Collaborates With Alleged Rapist Abuser Sherman Allen

Andy Thompson, Founder of World Overcomers Christian Church, Mocks Members Who Request Financial Transparency

The Power of God vs. The “Power” of Things

Video: Close Encounters of The CULT Kind [Us-Versus-Them Mentality]

Is T.D. Jakes REALLY Any Different Than The Pulpiteers of L.A.?

“Love” Based On Church Attendance Isn’t Love At All

False Prophet ‘Bishop’ Glen A. Staples BLASPHEMES God

SAVE MONEY On Laundry Soap!

Sign-Seeker or Christ-Follower?

“Pastors of L.A.”? WHY???

The “Pastor’s Vision”

Are You A “DUMB Sheep”?

“How Shall They Hear Without A Preacher”?

Does Your Pastor Think He’s MOSES??

“Consecrated” Or EMASCULATED??

“Who Is Your Pastor?”

Are You Being Desensitized To PEDOPHILIA?


How NOT To “Witness For Christ”

The Truth About Tithing & New Covenant Giving — An Introduction

Abraham’s Tithe To Melchizedek – Part 1

Abraham’s Tithe To Melchizedek – Part 2

Abraham’s Tithe To Melchizedek – Part 3

Abraham’s Tithe To Melchizedek – Part 4

Abraham’s Tithe To Melchizedek – Part 5

A Better Example Than Abraham’s Tithe – Part 1

A Better Example Than Abraham’s Tithe – Part 2

Are You FREE To Discuss Tithing?

The Tithing Laws – Part 1

The Tithing Laws – Part 2

The Tithing Laws – Part 3

The Tithing Laws – Part 4

“Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 1

“Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 2

“Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 3

“Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 4

 “Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 5

 “Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 6

“Who Has Bewitched You?” – Part 7

Out With The Old, & In With The New! [Hebrews 8]

New Covenant Giving

“Should I Tithe Or Pay My Bills??”

“You’re Cursed With A Curse!!” [Malachi 3:8-9]

Jacob’s Tithe

Spouses Who Worship Their Pastor

“Touch Not God’s Anointed!!”

Christian Leader, Or New World Order ‘Change-Agent’?

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  1. Hi I just wanted to give glory to God for what He’s shown you! Me and my wife have been shown the evil of Calvinism. Through some very popular Christian artists and pastors, we have been around, He’s shown us the evil of this religion. I agree with all the posts you put especially about the prosperity gospel and their corruption. However many people don’t know about this cult that’s taking over the churches. If you aren’t familiar with it I’ll keep praying that God reveals it to you if He already hasn’t. Much grace to you and peace.

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