Comment Policy


Comment Policy

Thank you for visiting Exit Churchianity.

I encourage meaningful discussions. However, there are guidelines for commenting here – not to censor disagreement – but to maintain civility and keep discussions on topic.

All comments are held for moderation. Generally, your comment will be approved unless it violates the comment policy.

Express yourself respectfully as if you were face to face with the person you are typing to. As a rule of thumb, don’t type anything that you wouldn’t say to someone in person in front of their family.

Stay on topic. Stick to the subject at hand and respond to the content. Comments that are off-topic, on a tangent, and derail the discussion will be deleted.

Be prepared for serious conversation. This is a place for thoughtful dialogue, not monologues. Only post a comment if you are willing to reflect on the position of others and converse. No “post and runs.”

Comments that contain the following will be deleted:

♦ Profanity (curse words)

♦ Personal attacks (insults) aimed at contributors or other visitors

♦ Generic complaints and baseless accusations

♦ Emotional soapbox rants and angry diatribes

♦ Huge blocks of text (long paragraphs) click here for an example

♦ All caps (internet yelling)

♦ Sexually explicit remarks

♦ Threats or promotion of violence

♦ Spam

♦ Comments that are excessive in length (write an article on your own blog)

♦ Racially offensive remarks

♦ Disrespectful remarks towards God Almighty or the Holy Scriptures

♦ Self-promotional advertising

Comments that contain threats or promotion of violence will be reported to law enforcement.

I reserve the right to delete comments at my own discretion. I will not debate about the comment policy or argue about why I decided to delete a certain comment.

I may re-post your comment in a future article, broadcast, or on social media. Only post a comment if you are okay with this.

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