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40 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Hello Eric here hope you are doing well I was curious if you have any zoom bible study groups I go to a house church I also attend a Lutheran church very nice people they don’t ask for tithe money much better then a institutional church I also watch r b on YouTube her videos are great she says a lot of truth that lines up with the bible does she run any zoom bible study groups ? Here’s my alternate email god bless

  2. Hello Sis. Evelyn. I have read your testimony on your site and have gone through a similar experience of “Charismania.” I even was a member of Eddie Long’s New Birth church and even visited Creflo Dollar’s church and even went to Megafest! In 2009-10 God used various YouTube videos that exposed these false teachers to deliver me from their false doctrines. During that time the Lord led me to a doctrinally sound and loving church that I have been a member of for almost six years now. I agree with you in regards to the leeching and lifeless churchianity that can go on inside the four walls that can thwart true genuine fellowship with the Godhead and other believers. But I wanted to know your biblical views in regards to believers’ submission to church leadership, our need to love one another as an evangelical witness, and not forsaking the assembly. I am asking in love and concern because my heart’s desire for believers in Christ is that they be apart of a fellowship of Christians (no matter how small or large) where they are known, loved, and cared for, under true biblically ordained leadership; a body where they can truly live out the “one anothers” in Scripture. I wanted to know if you are completely against traditional church. Many people because of sins of churchianity have adopted a home-based Internet/social media Christianity that is devoid of any personal accountability to fellow believers, actual face to face fellowship, and pastoral leadership which is unbiblical and dangerous. I am not at all saying this is your view but I am to be honest and little skeptical and needed clarification on your views. Please don’t think I’ve commented to be ill toward you in anyway. I just want believers to know Christ and not believe that assembling in church buildings, worshiping in song with other Christians and being under pastoral leadership is the problem because God has truly blessed me with me elders deacons and brothers and sisters in Christ who have loved me.

  3. Hi. My wife and I have watched a lot of your Youtube videos and love what God is doing through you. We thank you so much for speaking out on things that so many people ignore. After being slandered and mocked, among other things, we were finally asked not to return to the “church” by my parents (who are the pastors). (My replacement musician was also kicked out after he tried to meet with them and finally wrote them a letter, since they refused the meeting. In the letter, he was saying the same things that I’d been trying to tell them.) We finally decided to just be done with churchianity after that, but I found myself playing for churches every once in a while, against my better judgment. I was trying to find where I’d fit as a producer/musician because I was tired of church folks with cliche lyrics coming to the studio, but I also don’t allow profanity, sexual references, etc. in the studio. So I wasn’t playing in church and I was barely able to record anyone because of the standards we’ve set for our studio.

    We moved from that small town to the Atlanta area, and I went ahead and started playing for a “church”. I said I’d just look at it as a job. So the first one didn’t work out because I told the pastor that one of the songs encouraged sun worship (“When we fall on our knees with our face to the rising sun…” Ezekiel 8) and suggested another one in its place. At the next “church”, the pastor just literally snapped and started preaching about my wife and I. And so I tried one more, just KNOWING there was somewhere we could go and be a part of a “church”. This pastor heard that we don’t celebrate Christmas. No biggie I thought…I just let them know in advance that we wouldn’t be there and they had another keyboardist, so I thought we were good. We never said anything to them about us not celebrating it. The one person we told went back and told them. So he decided to have “Christmas trivia” (game show buzzers and all) instead of morning service. He talked about how evil the origins are, how the Catholic church used it as a way to “convert Pagans” (in a good way as he put it), and even talked about how it was banned for a period of time. Then they put on a big Christmas program. We ignored all of that. Yesterday, I was feeling very strongly that we shouldn’t go back because there’s just too much that we don’t agree on (soaking worship, etc.). But we went to rehearsal anyway. The co-pastor/pastor’s wife told my wife and I that she wanted to talk to us afterwards. She told us God told her we don’t celebrate Christmas, along with a lot of other stuff that I had talked to her son about. She “prophesied” to us that my wife and I need healing and some other stuff that was told to her incorrectly by her son. This was all after blaming all the church’s problem on me…

    Ok, Sorry for making this so long…But we’ve finally decided that we’re done with churchianity for good. My question is this-How do you go about finding people who are like-minded? People who love God and believe in His Word? Thanks for reading and we pray that God will continue to bless and strengthen you and your family.

    1. Hello Melo. Thank you for sharing such personal experiences with me. I can definitely relate to some of the things you have shared. I’m sorry to hear that you and your wife are having a hard time finding genuine Biblical fellowship, but please know that it is nothing out of the ordinary and this “famine of genuine fellowship” has not taken God by surprise (Scripture prophesied about many departing from The Faith). Have you considered networking with other Believers on social media, perhaps by joining groups that are related to following Christ outside of the “religious-system” or “Churchianity”? There are quite a few groups on Facebook about “organic fellowship,” “house fellowship,” “Churchianity,” the “apostate church,” and so on. I am not saying that any of these groups are a spiritual utopia by any means or a “quick fix.” But perhaps you can find Believers to network with who at least know that not everything out there that calls itself “church” is the body of Christ, who are already assembling in a more Biblical way or at least have a serious desire to, and know that it’s OKAY/not a sin to be where you are spiritually (devoted to Christ, in pursuit of Biblical fellowship, but not interested in joining the man-made “church-system”). Perhaps you can find some Believers in some of these groups who are in your area to fellowship with, or can refer you to some sound assemblies in your vicinity.

      1. Hi Evelyn. Thanks for the advice. Honestly, my wife and I had never heard of some of the terms that you listed or had simply not thought to look for some of those tags. I’m sure they’ll be very helpful. I sincerely thank God for continuing to send us to the right scriptures and leading us, but I really do look forward to actually being in fellowship with some genuine believers. Thanks again-we really appreciate you!

      1. Hi Kendra. Thanks. I apologize for the late reply-I never thought to check my “Social Media” tab in gmail, so I just saw your reply. Thanks again and I’ll definitely be emailing you.

  4. hi Exit Churchianity.

    I came across your blog by looking up articles on submission. I read your article on girlfriends not submitting to their boyfriends in my search. I’ll ask here instead because comments are closed.

    One of the arguments I hear to counter what you’ve said goes like:

    “Why should a man show leadership before marriage if a woman won’t submit?”

    I’ve argued with one too many men over this topic and don’t know if there’s a clear answer. If a woman doesn’t have to submit to her boyfriend AND a man doesn’t have to show leadership before marriage, how do they both show they’re capable of it? Know what I mean?

    Many men have complained about women not following their lead before marriage.

    1. Hey Minnie,

      Thank you for stopping by.

      My position isn’t that single Christian women should be *insubmissive* towards their male companion before marriage, or that they don’t have to demonstrate (to their male companion) that they’re capable of submitting. The New Testament instructs ALL Believers to yield/submit to one another, which would include both Christian men and Christian women. Considering this, before a man and a woman ever get married — both of them should be demonstrating that they’re capable of submission to God and mutual submission to the body while they are single and courting.

      My position is that single Christian men have no authority to command or demand *marital submission* (the submission that a WIFE renders unto her HUSBAND) from women that they aren’t married to. Marital submission (which is exclusive to one’s spouse and supersedes all other relationships except for one’s relationship with God) is quite different from mutual submission which ALL Believers are suppose to render to one another.

      Men who attempt to counter that by saying that they don’t have to show leadership before marriage misunderstand the issue, and they misunderstand what the Scriptures teach about manhood. Men in general, are suppose to demonstrate godly leadership whether they are single, courting, or married. Just as Christian women are suppose to demonstrate a submissive attitude whether they are single, courting, or married. A Christian woman would observe her male companion to see if he is capable of godly leadership. Once their relationship status changes from just friends to engaged/courting — their leadership and submission would become more exclusive because a commitment to marriage has been made.

  5. Wow praise God! I get so excited seeing other sisters boldly speaking the truth yet with gentleness and grace. Iv’e been enjoying your YouTube channel and blogs. Yes please feel free to add my blog ans save my email also. Grace and peace!:)

  6. Your page is a breath of fresh air. It’s so rare to see women preaching sound doctrine and exposing American christianity, churchianity, false conversions etc. My ministry also focuses on spreading the gospel and teaching what it means to be born again. Our testimonies are so similar. If you ever get a chance check out my ministry

    1. Hey Brittany Jay! Thank you SO much for the encouragement. I’ve been following your ministry for a while now and the Lord is doing great things in you and through you. You’ve been a blessing to so many people, especially sisters in the Faith. I read your testimony and it’s powerful. There is a famine of the word of God in the land today (and sadly in the so-called ‘church’), but we can take comfort in the fact that our Lord warned us in His word that it would happen in the last days so we need not lose heart. It is a breath of fresh air (as you said) to see women preaching and teaching sound doctrine and speaking out against Western churchianity. I can see how so many people get caught up in it, because I once was. And when you’re born into a religious system where the main indicator that you’re ‘saved’ is just ‘going to church’, doing church work, and speaking churchanese — it’s going to produce A LOT of false conversions and sidetrack saints who are truly saved. But our God is faithful and gracious to save us out of that religious carnality and transform us into the mature holy women of God that He ordained us to be. To HIM be ALL of the glory! If it’s okay, I’d like to add your blog to my blogroll. I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing so until now. Peace and Grace to you sister

  7. I Must say God Bless you and thanks for having the courage to express the real truth. God say we are not created to be a people pleaser and you are living up to his expectations. I am glad I do not get caught up in this arena. I am God’s Own and being in his presence has given me knowledge to see through thus riff raff and I see he has given you the same discernment. Thanks for putting this out there. God bless and I agree with your article 100%

  8. You ROCK! I just found your website and as teen I was looked at as a troublemaker because I questioned things that didn’t line up with scripture. I shared almost the same information you did on “tithing”, “touch not my anointed”, etc. I still have the old documents I typed an tried to share. I left, when as an adult (shouldn’t have stayed that long…) and never looked back when the pastor approached me at the altar and told me to “stop asking question” in an effort to silence me. Thank you for sound biblical research and information. I wish my childhood church could have had this…sad to see them still in bondage. Now I have another place to send people for information other than my type pages (lol)…especially black people (did I say that…lol). Feel free to delete the last part. Thanks.

    1. To God be the glory! Thank you for your comment. Being looked at as a “troublemaker” for telling the truth puts you in good company. God bless!

  9. Hi. I’m new to this website. Everything mention here is pretty straightforward. At the same time I’m curious. Where should one go for fellowship? Perhaps a home church? Is is it better not to be a member of one? What should I do?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      Pray and ask the Lord to provide you with genuine fellowship. It doesn’t matter whether it’s in a house or not. The building isn’t the issue. What matters is that our Father in heaven is being worshiped in Spirit and truth (John 4:24) and that we are abiding in the word of Christ. You can look around online (for example and see if there are simple fellowships in your area. Or you can start your own fellowship and meet up with Christians that you know.


  10. I am no longer certain the place you are getting your info, however
    good topic. I needs to spend some time studying much
    more or understanding more. Thanks for great info I was looking for this info for
    my mission.

  11. Thank you for this blog! Your experience mirrors mine in places and I’m so glad you are taking the time to share this wisdom and truth with the world. From my experience true believers ARE making an exodus from churchianity, and knowledge and support is needed in this process. Also, the blog design is simply gorgeous. P.S. I can’t wait to try the detergent recipe.

  12. God Bless You Greatly. Your testimony is similar to my own exodus. Thank you dearly for love of the truth unto salvation. I say Yes and Amen to God’s true believers. You are encouraging to me.

  13. Hi Ms. Evelyn,

    Would like to thank you so much for your YouTube videos. You are a very well-studied Christian & I know that you are profiting the Kingdom. Your labor is not in vain.

    I was 1st introduced to your videos back in 2009 by a friend while in college–during that time I believe your name was FaithandReasons. I had just transferred to an HBCU that was corrupt in every way imaginable. It was a dying school where people were hypocritical and I had never been in one location where almost everyone around me was proudly like this.

    People soon recognized my faith. I spoke against many things, but probably became more popular for my view against Fraternities and Sororities (cults). The odd thing was, I spoke my opinion to only one person who asked for it in private, and the whole campus knew by the end of the next day. I did not associate myself with other “christians” on this campus that was much like Sodom and Gemorrah, and the “pastors” and “reverends” on campus did not like this and tried to force me to assimilate with other student “ministers”. Later, I was plotted against by both staff and students in order to be prevented from becoming Student Government President.

    The LORD did use me during my time there before leaving, and I did grow spiritually and in an exponential way while being in the midst of darkness. However, I am still frustrated with the American church, the Black church, and Black culture in general. It is all full of ignorance. Because I happen to be “mixed”, my voice is either ignored or seen as racist.

    I am very glad to have found your videos again. From the 1st weekend that I started watching, I felt myself actually being spiritually fed–which hasn’t happened in a while due to what you call the “spiritual famine”. I have continued to watch often and get confirmation on subjects that aren’t usually addressed anywhere. I also agree with your theory that the U.S. is mystery Babylon, and I agree with you on many of your other teachings as well. Thank you so much for your boldness, I am very encouraged.

    I am looking to fellowship with other young women like myself for Bible Study. I really respect your thorough research skills; you are very scientific and systematic in your argumentation and I would love to learn how to express my beliefs in a more educated way. I know you mentioned that you have a family, so I know you are likely to be very busy. If even you occasionally emailed a Hello it would be appreciated—but if not, I understand.

    The LORD bless you and your family.

    With Love,

    Kendra L.

    1. Wow! Why am I just now seeing your comment? *a little irritated* lol Thank you for checking out the videos and blogs. I can relate to much of what you are saying. I too once attended an HBCU and even though I wasn’t saved at the time, I noticed the pride and snobbish attitudes among many students. Fortunately, I lived off campus, so I didn’t have to be around it all of the time. I’m also ‘mixed’, and being raised in a military family we lived overseas and traveled a lot, which gave me the opportunity to experience different cultures, lifestyles, and mentalities. With so much exposure to diversity, I find it odd that “Black culture” is so monolithic. There’s a lot of group think among many Black Americans, in the ‘black church’, the American church, and American culture in general. Being a Christian who is part black, doesn’t attend an institutional church, and isn’t a diehard liberal democrat brings a lot of persecution, ostracizing, and sideways looks. Have you found any likeminded sisters to fellowship with yet?

      1. Hey Evelyn,

        Thanks so much for your response. Yes, I would agree there is definitely a STRONG group think mode among Black Americans. That’s cool that you were raised in the army. Both of my parents were in the army, but they were discharged about 5 years before I was born. I have found a sister to do devotionals with–however–I am still free on Saturdays if you are available as well. On Saturdays I rest and study the Bible most of the day.

        How would I go about giving contact info on here without getting spammed? Can I give my Skype ID?

        Be Blessed,

        Kendra L.

  14. Miss Evelyn,
    I just wanted to drop you a line and say I very well appreciate your work. I may not agree 100%, but pretty close.

    I am a recovering Pentecostal who’s study was mostly apologetics . About a year ago my world changed drastically when two congregants came over my house unwanted commited criminal acts and violence and I made the mistake not to get the cops believing in 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 and the Christian principle of protecting the innocent. Namely one of the criminal Congregant’s daughter.

    Unfortunately I learned the hard way that what I thought was a Biblical Church, was a church that believed in Soma scriptura some of the time rather than Tota Scriptura/Sola Scriptura. That was the start of the nightmare for myself and my family. Church rather protect sin of two up and coming leaders than the sheep. I was put on a Gag order and Matthew 18:16-17 was twisted beyond recognition as well as whole books in the Bible.

    I saw a Pastor who I respected get angry when asked where his doctrine came out of the Bible. He lost his fear of the Lord. He changed. He is more concerned about numbers than the will of God. And this is in a Pentecostal church you wouldn’t expected A large Assembly of God in the Hudson Valley. It went from bad doctrine to enabled stalking, serial slander and extortion. The extortion turned from attacking me to attacking the most venerable member in my family, my sister who is a battered woman.

    Anyway, I better stop there.

    When you are injured, can barely help your family going through a critical time and keep a job; I spent the time writing reading and studying. My studies went from Jehovah Witnesses / Mormons and turned to Spiritual Abuse. Then apostasy in the American Evangelical Church. The church is in trouble and it doesn’t even realize it.

    So, I just wanted to thank you. Your ministry is very well needed. Thank you. Your sites on youtube are a good resource.

    I’m about to start an local Discernment Ministry. It is a sheep based ministry to come along side other sheep. I found out what I am going through may be extreme, but is isn’t uncommon. Please pray for me and my family.

    Bless you in Yeshua’s name. Thank you again.


    Note: I put my youtube site… just started it a week ago. Used one of your videos… gave you credit. I apologize if I did wrong

    1. Hello Frank,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your experience. I appreciate the encouragement. I’m glad that the articles have been an encouragement to you as well. I know how challenging it can be sharing about the dangers of churchianity and pointing God’s flock to Jesus Christ. Many will not like this.

      God bless you!

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