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Surprise — Free Booklet Coming Soon!

Over the years, I’ve lost track of the number of people who have either requested or suggested that I compile my writings and video commentaries into a book.

So why haven’t I written a book yet? What’s the hold up?

I haven’t had the time, space, energy, nor the resources to tackle a writing project–until NOW   🙂

The support, the demand, and the passion to write for God’s glory has always been there, but I wanted to make sure that it was God’s will for me to write a book and that the timing was right. I wanted to make sure that I could focus on a writing project and finish the task before I “put my hand to the plow.”

Well, this past year, things have fallen into place and I finally have all of the right ingredients to write a book.

I’m super excited to announce to you that I have embarked on my first writing project, a FREE booklet titled, “Touch Not God’s Anointed: Debunking Lies that Religious Leaders Teach to Silence Believers and Evade Accountability” 

There are quite a few articles and videos online that do an excellent job of untwisting the misuse and abuse of “Touch not Mine anointed and do My prophets no harm.” But what makes this free booklet different is that not only will it cover that passage of Scripture–it will also expose the most common excuses, arguments, and out-of-context Scriptures used by false prophets and false teachers in the church.

In this short easy-to-understand booklet–“Touch Not God’s Anointed: Debunking Lies that Religious Leaders Teach to Silence Believers and Evade Accountability,” I will compile and debunk some of the most popular errors that false teachers and false prophets use to censor God’s people and avoid answering to anyone.

Please note: This booklet was not birthed out of hatred, contempt, or disrespect for spiritual leaders. It was birthed out of a great respect for spiritual leaders and a desire to see the ministry of spiritual leaders handled with integrity, seriousness, and reverence for God and the Holy Scriptures.

It was birthed out of a commitment to uphold the truth of Scripture in a religious climate where deception is widespread and false teachings often go unchecked.

It was birthed out of a godly jealousy for God’s people and a strong sense of duty to protect them from, and warn them of, false teachers and false prophets who seek to hold them captive and suppress the truth through false teachings.

My desire is to see those who have been led astray and harmed by false shepherds, delivered from religious bondage so that they might follow the Good Shepherd Jesus Christ and enjoy their blood-bought freedom and abundant life.

Above all, this booklet was birthed from a passionate love for Jesus Christ, His Holy Word, and a desire to see Him glorified.

As of now (unless something changes), this booklet will be available in three formats: PDF, EPUB, and print (a small booklet).

The only costs will be the shipping for the print format, the cost of the paper, and the cost of the printing services. If I can cover these expenses out of pocket, I will do so. But if there are times when I am not able to cover these expenses alone, I may set up a crowdfunding site online for others to contribute.

Any potential donations raised on a crowdfunding site will not go in my pocket. I have no desire to make a financial profit from this booklet (making a living off of God’s word goes against my spiritual convictions).

Any potential donations will go towards the costs of shipping for the print format, the cost of the paper, and the cost of printing services. I want as many people as possible to receive this booklet and that may require financial help from time to time.

Any potential donations will be handled with financial transparency and accountability. All costs/expenses and receipts will be posted here for everyone to see.

Did I mention that I already finished the cover design? What do you think? I love it.

Book Cover

I’m currently writing the manuscript and trying to finish this project as soon as possible. If you follow this blog, you will be the first to know when the booklet is available for order.

After the manuscript is finished, it will be sent off for professional editing. Then after it’s edited, the booklet format will be sent off for printing!

Thank you for stopping by, and please share this link with your friends and family. Don’t forget to click “like” on the Exit Churchianity Facebook page. I’ll keep you guys posted. Talk to you soon   🙂

The Agenda To Mainstream Pedophilia [LIVE Podcast THIS Saturday]

The Agenda To Mainstream Pedophilia

Join me LIVE at 9pm EST this Saturday on Spreaker.com to discuss “The Agenda To Mainstream Pedophilia” — Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: Choir Director Kareem Abdul Mitchell Receives A Slap On The Wrist For Molesting Three Boys [New Testament Baptist Church, North Highlands CA]

Kareem-Mitchell-jpgBack in February of 2015, Kareem Mitchell, a 43-year-old choir director at New Testament Baptist Church located in North Highlands, California, was arrested for sexually assaulting a minor and booked on multiple charges including sodomy, oral copulation, and other sexually abusive acts with a child.

This was not the first time that allegations of child sexual assault were raised against Mitchell. He was investigated on similar allegations in the past while working as the choir director, however, charges were never filed.

In March of 2015, another victim came forward and filed additional charges of child sexual assault against Mitchell.

To date, it has been established that Mitchell molested three male choir members between 2001 and 2012.

Based on information shared by a family representative of one of Mitchell’s victims, Mitchell intentionally targeted Black American teenage boys from fatherless single mother homes and portrayed himself as a “father figure” to them.

Mitchell would invite young boys from the New Testament Baptist Church youth choir (“The Voices”) to his home for dinners and sleepovers, committing sexually abusive acts disguised as “wrestling matches.”

A family representative of one of Mitchell’s victims believes that New Testament Baptist Church is covering for Mitchell, and the victim’s family has filed a civil suit against the church. I am standing with them in prayer and full support.

On September 18th, 2015, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s official website reported that Mitchell pled no contest to two counts of oral copulation with a minor and one count of committing lewd and lascivious acts on a child.

Pursuant to the plea agreement, Mitchell will be sentenced to 3 years state prison and will be required to register as a sex offender for life.  Sentencing is set for October 21, 2015, at 1:30 p.m. in Department 63 before the Honorable Michael Bowman.

As you can probably tell, I am not happy with the sentence. In fact, I am saddened and upset. A three-year prison sentence for child sexual abuse is a slap on the wrist.

It sickens me to no end that sociopaths can sexually abuse and traumatize children, and serve a meager sentence (if they spend any time in prison at all) then be released back into society so that they can go back on the prowl for more victims.

In no time, Mitchell will be back out of prison and free to potentially prey on more young boys.

Now that Pastor Donnie Bryant has been given the left boot of disfellowship at New Testament Baptist Church, I am seriously questioning the current leadership (and the board of directors) at NTBC. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mitchell were welcomed back with open arms after his release.

This has been a very heartbreaking case. I will keep you abreast of Mitchell’s sentencing.




T.D. Jakes, Civil Rights Opportunists, & #CertainBlackLivesMatter

Earlier today, I was tagged on a Huffington Post article titled “Bishop T.D. Jakes May Be The Healer America Needs Right Now.”

In fulfillment of prophecy (Matthew 24:5), the world continues to lift up false messiahs as “the healer” “the visionary” “the one” and “the man of peace.” But hopefully, the true body of Christ knows better.

The article mentioned a “Black Lives Matter” prayer delivered by Jakes in December of 2014. The prayer can be heard in the YouTube video below.

Well, this is all very Twilight Zonish to me considering that Jakes financially exploits Black people (especially women) with emotion-stroking Scriptural gymnastics and a poisonous blend of Word-Faith heresy, ‘self-empowerment,’ and New Age philosophy.

But now all of a sudden, “Black Lives Matter”?

It’s bizarre to see Jakes taking interest in the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, because I remember during the Eddie Long scandal, Jakes minimized the egregious nature of the allegations by saying that if the allegations were true, Long’s accusers were “old enough to drive” “old enough to make their own decisions” and “old enough to go to war” at the time the alleged sexual abuse occurred — as if that somehow made it OKAY for a married ‘bishop’ to use his perceived authority, power, and wealth to allegedly coerce teenage boys into sexual acts and relationships for his own personal gratification.

Jakes also said that it wasn’t like the alleged victims were 10-years-old — as if sexual abuse is “less harmful” for teenage boys than 10-year-old boys. You can watch the CNN interview with Jakes by clicking here.

eddie long and td jakes

Speaking for myself, Jakes’ response to the allegations of sexual abuse against Eddie Long angered me and raised a huge red flag.

His response was representative of the widespread negligence, apathy, indifference, and concealment of child sexual abuse within the black ‘community.’

The general mindset towards the sexual abuse of children seems to be that children don’t have the right to be innocent, sexually pure, safe and protected.

Within the black ‘community,’ this mindset is even more predominant due to the hyper-sexualization of black youth and the myth that black children are innately “more sexual” than other children.

Black children are taught (often by their own relatives) that:

-They do not have any personal space, a personal bubble, or personal boundaries that can be trespassed or intruded upon.

-It’s okay for people to view and touch their private parts.

-It’s okay for them to view and touch the private parts of others.

-It’s okay for adults to make comments about their private parts.

-It’s okay for adults (including relatives) to make creepy, disturbing, and inappropriate comments like “you’re going to be sexy when you get older” “I’m coming for you when you turn 18” and to view these comments as “harmless compliments.”

-It’s okay for them to see adults being sexual.

-They don’t have the right to say “no” to uncomfortable or inappropriate touching.

-Not to take uncomfortable or inappropriate touching seriously (but to see it as someone “joking around” being “playful” or being “very affectionate”).

-To perform inappropriate and sexual acts to or in the presence of older siblings, cousins, and adults.

-To see themselves, from a very early age, as sex objects.

-Black girls are taught that they are “stuck up” “rude” or the “b” word if they reject sexual attention from random Black adult males.

-Black girls are also taught at a very early age, to be sexually subservient to black adult males.

In some families, child sexual abuse is a “rite of passage.” Horror stories of being raped, molested, and verbally, emotionally, and psychologically violated by predators are common.

When some black children act out sexually, their behavior is brushed off as “being fast” “rebellious” or “that’s just how kids are today.”

Rarely does anyone see their behavior as a cry for help, indicative of a deeper problem, and ask questions and investigate WHY they are acting out sexually. This goes back to black children being seen as hyper-sexual or innately “more sexual” than other children.

When you combine these ingredients with the dangerous almost cult-like adulation and exaltation of “the black preacher” and the excessive authority that many of them are given, it creates a climate where sexual predators are given carte blanche to molest and rape black children.

the man of God syndrome

Woe betide the courageous victim who comes forward and tells their story. They will be bashed to the ends of the earth and falsely accused of lying, slandering the man of God, touching God’s anointed, seducing their perpetrator, being a willing participant, wanting it, and “being fast.”

Those who do believe the victim often tell them to keep quiet, don’t tell the police, don’t get a lawyer, just pray, forgive, and move on. “Let the church/denomination handle it internally” which means let the church do nothing and brush it under the rug.

The lives of black men and women who are unjustly killed SHOULD matter. But so should the lives of black children who are sexually abused.

I give a BIG side-eye to those who demonstrate selective outrage and concern when men are killed, but dogmatically state we have “no authority” to speak on child sexual abuse and that we should “just pray and plead the blood” (which is churchanese code language for “shut up and stop snitching”).

Maybe instead of‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ the hashtag should be ‪#‎CertainBlackLivesMatter .

Both T.D. Jakes and Jamal Harrison-Bryant can have several pews.

“You shall do no injustice in judgment; you shall not be partial to the poor nor defer to the great, but you are to judge your neighbor fairly.” (Leviticus 19:15)

“Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.” (Psalm 82:3)

[PODCAST] Pulpits, Pews, and Predators: Acknowledging The Problem

The purpose of this series is to raise awareness about child sexual predators in the church and inform Christians on how to recognize the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing and prevent their children from becoming a victim.

The first installment in this series is about acknowledging that there IS a serious problem. This is the first step in combating child sexual predators.

Tune in, get informed, and spread the word!


Gearing Up For Sexual Assault Awareness Month [Pulpits, Pews, & Predators]


Since April is national Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), I have decided to dedicate the entire month to raising awareness about child sexual predators in the church and informing Christians on how to recognize the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing and prevent their children from becoming a victim.

Everyday another mugshot is posted online of an alleged or convicted child sexual predator who masqueraded as a “nice Christian man” and used his ‘godly’ veneer and perceived authority to prey on children.

How can something like this happen in a Christian church?

Why do child sexual predators gravitate to churches, especially leadership positions?

Is child sexual assault in the church as prevalent as the media makes it seem?

What are the signs of a child sexual predator in sheep’s clothing? What red flags should we look out for?

How should we respond to child sexual assault?

What can we do to protect our children and prevent them from becoming victims?

These questions among others will be addressed in the upcoming series “Pulpits, Pews, and Predators.”