No Tithe, No Ministry?

Question: "My church won't let me serve unless I tithe. Is this Biblical?" Answer: In some churches today, congregants are required to practice monetary 'tithing' in order to serve in ministry. This presents a problem for poor believers and for believers who know that monetary-tithing isn't Biblical. They find themselves banned from serving, and in … Continue reading No Tithe, No Ministry?

Tithing Myth #1: “Tithing is an Eternal Principle”

Some people claim that tithing is an eternal principle because Abraham gave one-tenth to Melchizedek before the Law of Moses. People who follow this line of reasoning are inconsistent in their application of Scripture, because Abraham also sacrificed animals and kept the law of physical circumcision before the Law of Moses. Does this mean that … Continue reading Tithing Myth #1: “Tithing is an Eternal Principle”