“Praiseologist” Todd Hall Collaborates With Alleged Rapist Abuser Sherman Allen

sherman allen

Meet Sherman Allen.

He claims to be an “apostle” “pastor” and a “prophet.”

The official website for his religious institution, Christ Cathedral Church in Arlington, Texas, boasts that “Numerous documented miracles have been noted at the hands of this 21st century Prophet and Apostle.”

What it fails to mention is that numerous documented assaults have also been noted at the hands of Allen.

Eight women have alleged that Allen beat them, sexually assaulted them, and even practiced occultism (voodoo rituals, hypnotism, magic or illusions, and healing potions).

Regarding Allen’s occultism, an anonymous woman who lived with Allen and personally knew him claimed that when she met him in 1982 — he was sitting at a table giving “spiritual readings” with a crystal ball. He practiced Voodoo-influenced “spiritualism” in a South Fort Worth, Texas candle shop — a shop that specialized in selling occult paraphernalia.

According to the anonymous woman, Allen burned Satanic candles both at the home that he and his mother shared and in his stepfather’s religious institution, Allen Memorial Spiritual Pentecostal Temple — a religious institution which blended Roman Catholicism with Voodoo and Pentecostalism. Allen even had business cards advertising his dark craft.

The allegations of sexual assault and beatings go all the way back to May 25, 1983 when Allen was twenty-two years old and the religious leader of Allen Memorial Spiritual Pentecostal Church in Fort Worth, Texas.

According to a police report, a twenty-one year old woman alleged that Allen showed up at her front door with concealed weapons, drugged and hypnotized her, beat her, and brutally raped her in her apartment. Allen told her that no one would believe her if she reported him. He also threatened to do the same thing to her daughter if she reported him. The details of the incident are graphic and inappropriate for children. To read the victim’s account click here.

Over the years, Allen climbed the ecclesiastical ladder of fame in COGIC (the Church of God in Christ) and Black Pentecostal circles. He made a big name for himself and became friends with prominent religious leaders such as Charles E. Blake (the current presiding bishop of COGIC), T.D. Jakes, and Juanita Bynum. Like many other wolves in sheep’s clothing, Allen’s rise to fame in Black Pentecostalism was followed by a million dollar home, bodyguards, and armor-bearers.

Davina Kelly, a former member and employee of Allen’s Shiloh Institutional Church of God in Christ, sent a letter to COGIC’s ruling body alleging that Allen beat and raped her. Kelly received no response from COGIC’s ruling body and proceeded with a lawsuit against Allen, Allen’s former church Shiloh Institutional COGIC, and the Church of God in Christ. After news of the lawsuit went public, more women came forward with similar allegations spanning over twenty years.

Carrie Drake, a former member of Shiloh Institutional COGIC, filed a lawsuit against Allen, alleging that he beat her, physically assaulted her, and forced her to undress. When Drake was only thirteen years old, Allen received her mother’s permission to “discipline” her. Drake said that she miscarried after an attack. Allen has denied all of the allegations. Drake is only one out of many underage girls who were allegedly assaulted by Allen, with “permission” from their parents — some of them even had broken bones.

There were also allegations of Allen punching a woman in the face for questioning him. Men were also beaten under the false pretense of “spiritual discipline.”

Why Is Sherman Allen Still Walking Around Scott Free??

There are three reasons why: blackmail, threats, and enablers.

Blackmail: There are other corrupt religious leaders in COGIC with dirty hands, and Allen threatened to expose their dirt if they took disciplinary action. So they remained silent to avoid exposure and conceal their own evil deeds.

Threats: According to Matthew Bobo, one of Davina Kelly’s lawyers, Allen has a pattern of threatening his victims to keep quiet. He also told them that if they reported him, no one would believe them.

Enablers: Many COGIC leaders who were in a position to take disciplinary action and protect congregants from Allen, did little to nothing. J. Neaul Haynes (Allen’s bishop in COGIC) knew about the allegations for almost two decades, yet he took no firm action and simply told two alleged victims to “forgive” Allen.

Allen’s blind devotees also enable him by giving him unwavering allegiance, financial support, access to children, and defending him against the allegations. If Allen didn’t have a following, he wouldn’t have a platform to stand on and masquerade as a minister of Christ. Congregants who are aware of Allen’s reputation as an abusive rapist are very much liable and will share in his judgment if they don’t repent.

In spite of the “don’t snitch on the man of God” rule in some Black Pentecostal circles — many concerned individuals have come forward over the years to hold Sherman Allen accountable — yet Haynes seemed to be a shield deflecting allegations from his “spiritual son” Allen and enabling his monstrous behavior.

Does Your ‘Pastor’ STILL Support Sherman Allen??

Sherman Allen hosts a pathetic “prophetic” summit in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The official website of Allen’s religious institution, it refers to his “prophetic” summits as a “premiere event.” It might have been “premiere” in the past, back when T.D. Jakes and Juanita Bynum were guest speakers. But those days seem to be long gone. In a video of the 2013 “prophetic” summit, I saw Allen at the front of a small room, screeching, hooping, and pacing back and forth trying to whip a small audience into an emotional frenzy.

Is he trying to make a come back?

Under “media store” on the Christ Cathedral website, there’s a promotional ad from the August 2013 dedication service for his new location. It says “Jesus Christ: The King of Comebacks! New Location, Same Anointing!” Maybe it should actually say “New Location, Same Abusive Warlock!”

On February 3rd-9th, Allen held another kingdom “prophetic” summit, and Todd M. Hall “The Praiseologist” was one of the guest speakers.

482535_691010004254737_1178847662_nA brother and I posted a comment on Todd M. Hall’s Facebook fan page (where the promotional ad was posted and displayed as his cover photo). Even after all that I have seen, I was still shocked, appalled, and disgusted when I saw that the photo had around 80 likes.

Predictably, a Hall supporter quickly pounced on our comments to defend Allen, stating that even though she was ignorant of the allegations — we should just “forgive him.” It’s utterly absurd and evil to use “forgiveness” as a shield to defend an alleged abusive rapist and silence those who are warning you.

Firstly, it’s not my place to forgive Allen because I’m not the one he assaulted. He would need to make amends with those he offended and seek their forgiveness, which would require him to admit/confess what he’s done — yet to date, he’s unrepentant and denies all of the allegations.

Secondly, the same Bible that teaches forgiveness also says to refute, rebuke, and expose the unfruitful works of darkness. It also says to hold religious leaders accountable, withdraw from false shepherds, and obey the law of the land — which means reporting Sherman Allen to government officials who have Divine authority to punish him and protect the general public.

As you can imagine, our comments were deleted by whoever manages the page and monitors the comments.

It’s no mystery to me why Hall is willing to collaborate with Allen. The very first page of Hall’s official website has slick advertisements for books, CDs, DVDs, and a “tithes” and offerings donation button. Under “leader,” Hall is dressed up like a Catholic priest bearing the lofty title “Chief Apostle of The Shabach Nation.”

On the “leader” page, if you look to the right, you will see a button that says “Kingdom Enhancer Advancer :: Builder, Sow To Grow.” No, it’s not a sound teaching about sowing righteousness and growing in Christ — it leads you to a paypal page requesting your billing information. You even have to pay $20 to hear his life story on the DVD “Transparency and Confessions.” It’s transparent as all outdoors that Hall is in this for the money. This is why he has no problem collaborating with a dangerous warlock. Wolves run in packs and protect each other as they fleece together.

Hall is a theologically bankrupt false prophet, and bankrupt theology often goes hand in hand with ungodly character. One of these ungodly character traits is twisted sexual desires (2 Peter 2:18). A lust for power over people and great wealth is often accompanied by unrestrained sexual lust. Scripture is clear that spiritual leaders are to demonstrate sexual purity, which means monogamy if they’re married and celibacy if they’re single. Hall is single, yet his reputation is the exact opposite. This is another reason why he has no problem collaborating with Allen — they’re both sexually twisted and are known for speaking to women just like pimps.

I’m speaking to the receptive person who may listen to Hall or Allen, but isn’t aware of the information that I have shared in this article. If you’re skeptical of what I’m saying, then research it for yourself.

Other religious figures who spoke and performed at Allen’s “prophetic” summit were ‘bishop’ George Bloomer, ‘prophetess’ Janice Mixon, ‘prophet’ Brian Carn, ‘bishop’ DC Thompson, Myron Williams, Tasha Cobbs, Michelle Prather, Marquinn Middleton & the Miracle Chorale.

Run FAR away from these people and have nothing to do with them. Get away from any leader who STILL collaborates with Allen or any other alleged sexual predator. Don’t even deal with leaders who say that “we just need to pray and forgive” “we shouldn’t gossip” (this isn’t gossip, it’s public information, there are police reports!) or “it’s not our place to judge” because they’re basically saying “shut up” and inadvertently enabling Allen. And you should ask yourself why?

Did the prophets “just pray and forgive” the false prophets who preyed on the children of Israel? Did Jesus and the apostles “just pray and forgive” false shepherds? When Peter rebuked false prophets in his letter, did Paul tell him to “stop gossiping”? When Paul spoke against false apostles, did Peter write him a letter saying “well you know we shouldn’t judge”? Of course not. The true prophets and apostles understood something that many modern-day leaders and their followers do not, which is that antichrist infiltrators and impostors must be exposed, sharply rebuked, and warned against to protect the flock of God.

If a man who was known for sexually assaulting people started hanging out at the local park or playground, befriending children — would you “just pray and keep quiet”? If someone warned you about him, would you view their warning as “gossip” and tell them “not to judge”? Would you consider their warning “throwing stones” or “accusing the brethren”? I’m sure that you wouldn’t. But it’s funny how people would act totally different if that same man had the title “apostle” “prophet” or “pastor” and could “preach really good.” Now all of a sudden no one is suppose to say anything and we’re just suppose to “pray.” Now all of a sudden people who sound the trumpet are “touching God’s anointed” “blaspheming the Holy Spirit” and “under threat of being punished by God” for “putting their mouth on the man of God.” The respecter of persons is amazing.

Preacher-idolatry is like crack — it influences people to be unethical, irrational, delusional, and dangerous. When a person is hooked on crack, their mind is gone and they are without a conscience. They don’t care about anyone else, they don’t care about morals, they don’t care what God and His word says — they just want to get high. People who continue to support Sherman Allen are very similar. They have turned off their logic and suspended their moral judgment. As Romans 1:31 states, they are without natural affection — meaning they are unfeeling, numb, callous, and without empathy or compassion. They have a form of godliness and an outward semblance of ‘love,’ but it’s not the love of the Father. Otherwise they wouldn’t be able to turn a blind eye to the long trail of Allen’s alleged victims and cheer him on in his violent rebellion.

This is a widespread problem, so it’s not something that believers should keep silent about as if it isn’t that big of a deal and doesn’t affect the body of Christ. Silence enables brute beasts like Sherman Allen and false prophets like Todd M. Hall who support alleged rapist abusers. Allen isn’t a believer who “fell short of God’s glory” and “made a mistake.” He is a monster of the worst kind. And people who twist the Scriptures inside out to defend him are hypocrites of the highest order and ought to be ashamed of themselves.

“although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them.” (Romans 1:32)