The leadership of First African Baptist “Church” better repent before tables start flipping, because you better believe Jesus is angry about this one. I think I just heard the crack of a homemade whip.

Another evil letter from a business pretending to be a church of Jesus Christ has gone viral on social media.

Josephine King, a 92-year-old elderly woman who is suffering from cancer, received a letter in the mail notifying her that she is in “violation” of an unbiblical policy for not “tithing” since March and lack of attendance/participation. And therefore, she has been removed from the membership roster of First African Baptist “Church.”

Never mind the fact that Ms. King is an elderly woman with cancer and diabetes (which basically makes her “sick and shut-in”) which would explain the lack of attendance/participation.

Never mind the fact that she has been a faithful member of this organization for 80 years.

Never mind the fact that she has been paying “monetary tithes” to this organization all the way up until March of 2015.

None of that means anything to the new “Senior Pastor” Derrick Mike and his willing accomplices. As far as they’re concerned — if you miss 3 months of “tithes” and frequent attendance — three strikes, YOU’RE OUT. Your membership is revoked. See the cutthroat letter below (yes it’s real).


Frankly, I find this cold mechanical letter and the mentality behind it disgusting and trifling.

It is an inversion of the teaching of Christ and the exact opposite of how we are suppose to treat seniors in the body.

Scripture says to honor our elders and treat older women of God as mothers. Would you kick your mother out of church? Would you demand that your mother pay you 10% of her (probably fixed) income every month? Would you ignore your mother’s health condition and demand that she put stress on her body by traveling to you all of the time and attending every activity?

If your mother was almost 100 years old with cancer and diabetes, wouldn’t your foremost concern be spending time with her, taking care of her, and making sure that the end of her life is as comfortable as possible?

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world.” (James 1:27)

The leadership of First African Baptist “Church” should be visiting Ms. King and ministering to her spiritual and material needs. But instead, they are more concerned with TAKING money from her and having her travel to them and show up every time the doors are open.

“They tie up heavy, cumbersome loads and put them on other people’s shoulders, but they themselves are not willing to lift a finger to move them.” (Matthew 23:4)

“They devour widows’ houses and for a show make lengthy prayers. These men will be punished most severely.” (Luke 20:47)

Apparently their idea of “church membership” is not the same as church membership according to Scripture. There is ZERO Bible to support this unbiblical anti-Christ policy.

If you have never done your own personal in-depth Bible study of what the Scriptures teach about being a member in the body of Christ and tithing, I suggest that you do so now.

It is important to know the truth about these subjects, because apparently, some religious leaders are requiring that Christians pay 10% of their income (among other false traditions) in order to remain in “good standing” as “members” of their corporations.

Jesus died for our freedom (Galatians 5:1). Yet God’s people are subjecting themselves to man-made requirements which pervert the Gospel message and bring them in religious bondage. When your blood-bought freedom is on the line, you cannot afford to base your beliefs solely on what your pastor, relatives, church or denomination taught you — study the Scriptures for yourself so that you know the truth and stay free.

I also suggest that you ask for a copy of your church’s Constitution and by-laws (if they have any).

When you become a ‘member’ of a for-profit business pretending to be a ‘church,’ you are agreeing to their unbiblical & anti-Christ policies. This is why it is so important for us to do our homework and ask questions.

BEFORE you get swept away with emotion during the ‘altar call’ and walk down the aisle to join a local church, do your research first — and definitely DON’T SIGN ANYTHING (“church membership covenants” are unbiblical & legalistic).

Instead of sitting back passively and allowing “Pastor” Derrick Mike and his accomplices to evict Believers — the real saints at First African Baptist “Church” should firmly rebuke everyone involved in this appalling and wicked behavior, and have them swiftly removed from their leadership positions. Head for the door and find a healthy Biblical church. You don’t want to be a participant or an enabler of this money-making set-up or you will share in their sins.

Derrick Mike needs to be checked THIS Sunday, if not today. He needs to hear from concerned saints that this is totally unacceptable, ungodly, unbiblical, and unethical. Call him, email him, and give him a piece of your sanctified mind.

No one should be so desperate to “go to church” somewhere. . . anywhere. . . that they would be willing to put up with such hypocrisy, foolishness, and cold-blooded behavior.

Western Churchianity & The “Left Boot Of Disfellowship


If this is your first time hearing of situations like this, please know that it happens all the time.

I have lost count of the number of Believers who have told me that they were disfellowshiped from some religious organization calling itself a “Christian church.” So when I first read the letter, I was appalled, but not surprised.

These personal accounts go largely undocumented. But the fact that so many Christians across the West have been blackballed, shunned, forcibly removed, voted out at secret meetings, and formally banished via letters, emails, and phone calls show that it is not uncommon.


Leaders beware: If you send a Christian a menacing “collections” letter or “excommunication” letter — it just might end up online for the whole world to see and go viral. Do you want your name and face plastered on the evening news? It’s better to humble yourselves and repent now, than to be prideful, stiff-necked, and brought to an open shame. Pride comes before the fall.

It seems to me that judgment has come first to the house of God like a whirlwind and the Lord is exposing organizations that are not built on Him. Do you really want to be brought low before everyone? Anything and anyone that has exalted itself to a high position will be left desolate, pulled down, and demolished. But those who humble themselves will be exalted and honored by the Lord.

I will end this by saying that the leaders of First African Baptist “Church” ought to be ashamed of themselves and they would do well to be zealous and repent.

In this hour, the Lord is clearly making a distinction between those who are truly with Him and those who are against Him, and you do not want to be found standing on His left hand side.

Members of First African Baptist “Church” — which side are you standing on? Are you with the Lord, or are you not?

“41 Then the King will turn to those on the left and say, ‘Away with you, you cursed ones, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his demons.

42 For I was hungry, and you didn’t feed me. I was thirsty, and you didn’t give me a drink.

43 I was a stranger, and you didn’t invite me into your home. I was naked, and you didn’t give me clothing. I was sick and in prison, and you didn’t visit me.’

44 “Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’

45 “And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’

46 “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.” (Matthew 25:41-46)

75 thoughts on “92-Year-Old Woman Given The “Left Boot of Disfellowship” At First African Baptist “Church” [Bainbridge, GA]

  1. As I was walking this morning, I was thinking about the blog post. How will Dr. Mike survive with only twenty members. Now that he is starting to get rid of seasoned members of First African Baptist Church, will he collect enough in the collection plate to keep up the budget? Whatever black Baptist body he is credentialed with should remove them and bar him from being a pastor. If people put the tithing scripture from Malachi in context, churches would stop using this scripture to raise funds. Then, the church could truly move to Grace giving and stop actions like the one Dr. Mike took.

  2. I was thinking about the blog post on this situation this morning as I was walking on a path near my house this morning. If this pastor is operating with twenty members from excommunicating the rest due to the tithing issue, how is the church surviving with so few members? I still have outrage about what this pastor did to this woman. If the letter was a type of church discipline, should have Dr. Mike went to the woman first? This whole situation shows us how far the church has strayed from the scripture. I wouldn’t be surprise if the church falls apart in the next few years due to his actions. I still say that the leadership of the black Baptist body should remove his credentials and bar him from the pulpit if he wants to continue doing stuff like what was explained in the post. A well-thought out study of Malachi will stop the tithing madness since that was not his intent when he confronted the priests about the middle portion of the chapter. These were thoughts God placed in my mind this morning.

    1. Brother John,

      I have been thinking on a similar track. Where is the denomination/fellowship in all this?

      This may be an answer. It is conjecture on my part, but I have seen this in large fellowships with small congregations such as the Assembly of God and the Mission Church. The church has assets and the denomination sees this as a way to remove the church members and take over the assets to finance something somewhere else.

      I say this as cautiously as I can. Like I said, this is conjecture. I just read too much in the last few years where I don’t think many leaders of leaders have their heart for the Gospel or the people they serve.

      So I say this with that in mind, maybe “Pastor” Mike is just a useful tool for a district or denomination leadership to gobble up the assets of this church. Have they learned from their Pentecostal bigger brothers (wolves)?

      Where are the folk who have credentialed “Pastor” Mike in all this? This is national news.

      Recovering Pentecostal and exiled sheep
      Sheepville, NY

      Note to Sister Evelyn: If you don’t publish this comment – I will understand. This is entirely conjecture on my part.

  3. Thank you Evelyn for your prayers and blessing. Although it saddens us to see the church in its’ condition, we have peace and comfort in knowing that we did the right thing, and that ‘GOD’ removed us because of the very wickedness that now being witnessed by many. May The Lord bless you.

  4. I read about this situation on seversl blogs and I am deeply disappointed in this church. I do not know what Pastor Mike was thinking when he sent these letters to elderly members of the church. If they are truly concerned about the finances of the church, they needed to reach out to those individuals and lookedfor tangible ways to meet their needs without looking like greedy leaders. I noticed in the other comments the church is down to twenty members. Are they attempting to rid the church of their elderly members? What is real agenda behind the letters. This post has really angered and concerned me. Which black baptist body is this church affiliated with. If Mike has pulled this “act” in other churches, it is time to yank his credentials immediately.

    1. They’re not only trying to rid the church of elderly members, but of all members who don’t go along with their agenda. The oldest member of the church, a 94 year old woman in the nursing home was sent one of these disgusting letters also. Mike is said to have wreaked the same kind of havoc in his church in Albany. He and his followers are about ‘control’, and will do whatever it takes to have it, even destroy the church. ‘GOD forbid’!

  5. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I agree with them 100%. My heart is deeply saddened for the lady who has been mistreated by this man, the elders and deacons. I hope the members stand up to this man and oust him from the church, if not, they should be ashamed. Is the lady ok? Is anyone looking in on her and making sure her needs are being met?

    1. Yes, Rebecca. Aunt Jo, as she is known to many of us, is very strong-willed, and is handling this ‘ungodly’ situation very well; and she knows that she has the support of so many people, some of whom have checked in on her by phone or visits. If you knew her, then you would know that she’s not about to let this break her. “Praise The Lord”!

  6. It’s scary to think about a church so filled with an ungodly spirit that they could hold up in a room and determine that such a thing was appropriate.

  7. Why would ANYBODY attend this “church?”

    The fact that this sort of thing is going on should serve as a clear warning to anybody with either an ounce of common sense or any reverence or respect for the Lord to run for the hills as soon as possible.

    Then again, how many churches today are composed of people who have any knowledge of, let alone reverence or respect for, the Word? That probably explains the fact that this “church” still exists at all.

    1. You’re exactly right, which is why some of us had already left this church, long before we received their letters of removal.

    2. Exactly. The generations before that labored to build this church and make it a place that truly reverenced our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, would cringe to see what it has become,–a den of thieves.

    3. To think that the membership of this church would allow a handful of people (6) to tear down what generations before worked so faithfully to build. Most of these people are educators, public figures, and want to be pillars of the community. Shameful!

  8. Just to clarify, the signatures on this letter of removal are, of course, Pastor Derrick Mike, Calvine Rollins, Clinton Venisee, and notary Kevin Bruton.

  9. Greetings Sister Evelyn,

    It would be a good thing for the leaders and the congregation to study the two “Overseer” Epistles of 1Timothy and Titus and study the qualification and duties of the “overseer”. About 4 times in these two Epistles state that the “overseer” is to be beyond or above reproach.

    Let’s examine Titus 1:7-9

    7 For the overseer must be above reproach as God’s steward, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not addicted to wine, not pugnacious (belligerent), not fond of sordid gain, 8 but hospitable, loving what is good, sensible, just, devout, self-controlled,9 holding fast the faithful word which is in accordance with the teaching, so that he will be able both to exhort in sound doctrine and to refute those who contradict. (NASB)

    I think we can see in several of the qualifications that the dear brother Derrick Mike no longer holds for the office of Pastor or Elder. He should be removed.

    Let us go to the end of the chapter and see what Titus 1:16. Paul is still talking about the office of “overseer”.

    16 They profess to know God, but by their deeds they deny Him, being detestable and disobedient and worthless for any good deed. (NASB)

    The congregation should make this man a “former” Pastor for he and some of the leadership no longer hold the qualifications for the office.

    I asked the same questions as you did Sister Evelyn as you did. When I read your post last week I was away with family and my blood boiled so I waited to respond not to give anger a position in my response.
    Where are Josephine’s brothers and sisters through this? I did some more research and this Saint is a servant to the church for over 50 years and a servant to the community. Where is the stern rebuke?

    Where are Sister Josephine’s brothers and sisters at a time such as this ? Not only is she need’s people around her for what she is going through, but now what so-called leaders are doing to her. Is there no shame?

    Where are they!?

    I am tired of seeing good brothers and sister “ruled” over by men who are suppose to be servants; Men who have no love for the sheep or fear of an awesome powerful God. I am sick of seeing dear blood bought Saints who gave their heart, their talents and their fortune to what they were told was to God; just to sent on their way with a cold hearted letter sent by a group of cowards/thugs not willing to face the true Saint and her family.

    This breaks my heart. You don’t know how much.

    Thank you dear sister for posting this.


    Exiled sheep and recovering Pentecostal
    Sheepville, NY

    1. Hey Frank. Thank you for the passages on the qualifications of an elder/overseer. Apparently, Derrick Mike and his accomplices are ignoring them. I too am quite tired of these sorry excuses for ‘pastors’ lording it over the flock of God, ruling with cruelty, and scattering the sheep. They have no fear of God and they have no idea who they are dealing with. The Lord is not to be trifled with (e.g. Ezekiel 34). Ms. Josephine’s family members are supporting her through this. I hope that the others who were disfellowshiped by Derrick Mike and his minions have some sort of support system as well. This is a tough thing to go through, and it’s not good to go through it alone. The real born-again saints down there (even from other local churches) need to unite and corporately rebuke Derrick Mike and everyone who signed that letter. We can’t just “say” that we are a body — we need to act like it by caring for one another and looking out for one another’s interests which is the mind of Christ (Philippians 2). I see saints on the internet speaking against this, but local pastors down there should be speaking against it as well and ministering to all who were affected by this callous action.

      1. I agree with both you and Frank, Evelyn. Just yesterday, a friend and I were commenting on the fact that none of the area ministers have come forward (publicly) to voice their opinions on this abomination. Obviously, Mrs. King and other forced out members have the support of the majority of us. But it would be nice to hear from the true ministers of ‘GOD’.

      2. Thank you for commenting Starla. I’m glad to hear that you got out of there. As for local leaders being silent, it’s almost as if (some) leaders are a fraternal order and they’ve taken an oath not to expose or rebuke each other. Nowadays, generally speaking, leaders don’t correct other leaders. They mainly correct congregants and apply “church discipline” to “the least of the brethren” (like Ms. Josephine), but not false shepherds. Shame on them for sitting back silently and watching other leaders abuse and scatter God’s flock (Ezekiel 34)

      3. Some of the other ministers haven’t publicly spoken on this matter, because they are about money themselves.
        Very few ministers today are preaching the word of GOD, simply for the love of it, or for the saving of souls.

      4. Dear Sisters Starla and Evelyn,

        Well maybe this will help.

        Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith Internet Broadcast in his August 13th, 2015 gives Wolf Derrick a stern rebuke.

        He talks about Derrick Mike in the beginning of the broadcast so you won’t have to listen to the whole broadcast

        Chris Rosebrough is not just an internet broadcaster but a working Pastor in a small rural congregation in North Dakota. He makes many of the points Miss Evelyn and you make. Pastor Rosebrough has a heart of what is going on in the American Church today to include what happens to the sheep when we set up men as gods. He seems to know what damage is done to the sheep when others are just talking about the nature of the sin in a Philosophical manner.

        This wolf’s sin is a cancer and it is mind boggling the lives that are damaged. Stories like this upset me more than I would like to say. But it does hearten me to see the reaction here.

        Bless you dear saints.

        Recovering and exiled sheep

      5. Thank you for the link Frank. I have listened to Chris Rosebrough before. He’s pretty informative. Hubby and I will check out his rebuke of Derrick Mike. God bless you

    1. Since Frist AB Church considers itself a business now, rather than a House of Worship, shouldn’t they be paying taxes, likes every other business?

      1. They should be paying taxes since they are a business and operate as such. No sense pretending that it’s God’s house anymore. First amendment protections should not apply here.

  10. They’ve even sent two members who are in the Nursing Home the letters as well. One of them is blind.

    1. Utter wickedness. I noticed that Derrick Mike either took down his FB page (or he blocked me from commenting). The link is gone now.

      1. Oh, the latest word is that Derrick Mike has supposedly offered to allow everyone who received a letter of removal to come back to the church, if they will speak with him first. Still playing ‘GOD’. I say, no thanks! Mr. Mike. If he was sincere, then he wouldn’t have sent those ridiculous letters to members in the first place. It isn’t in his power to decide when, or if any of us will return to FAB.

      2. Correct. If this is the case, then he is still treating this organization as if it is HIS and as if he is the final authority (not Jesus and the Scriptures). He and everyone who signed that letter should apologize to the entire congregation, and personally apologize to every person who received a letter. They should then get rid of this policy and any rule or regulation that contradicts the teaching of Jesus Christ. Like John the Baptizer said, don’t just claim to be a child of God, but bear fruit WORTHY OF REPENTANCE.

      3. He has removed the page, Evelyn. I think it was getting too hot! for him. Although, he reportedly commented that at least the church was getting free publicity.

      4. Free publicity? All publicity isn’t good publicity. Some publicity is the Lord exposing unfruitful works of darkness. He couldn’t handle the truth on that thread. His damage control didn’t generate the responses that he desired. There is no justification for the letters that were sent out, and that policy is rubbish.

      5. You’re right, Evelyn. If he had truly welcomed the publicity, then he wouldn’t have removed the church’s webpage. The truth is, he and his clan hadn’t counted on the letter getting so much publicity, and mostly negative, at that. I’m not a fan of social media, but in this instance, I thank ‘GOD’ for using it to expose these hypocrites for who they are. Of course, they still have their small group of followers who try to uphold them and explain away their actions, but as you stated, their is no justification for their behavior. None of the former pastors of this church felt inclined to remove members, whether they were active or not, because it is not the way of ‘Christ Jesus’, who is always willing and ready to receive us.

    2. That’s so sad. It clearly states in their so-called letter of removal, that removal from membership does not include members who are sick or shut-in. Moreover, the ‘original’ church by-laws states that before any member is removed from the church roll, that the leadership is to contact them to find out why they haven’t been attending, which was not done. It’s all about money with these people. They don’t visit the sick and shut-in as the former pastor did, or care about the elderly, disabled, or disadvantaged.

    3. They don’t keep up with the members to know what’s going on with them. The original bylaws states that after two months, deacons are to visit non-active members to ascertain why he or she has not attended or paid. Then, if after three months, the member has not attended or paid, they are to send a letter, and by the fourth month, drop him/her from the church roll, depending on the situation. This of course, does not apply to members who are sick, shut in, or disabled. Their letter is simply a scam to get more money.

  11. he has posted a response to all this. It’s quite shameful. You can find it on his fb page. But be sure he makes no apology. Sad.

    1. Thank you for the link Simone. I read his response and it was nothing but long-winded damage control. He might as well have typed “I’m right, you’re wrong — the end” and left it at that. The response says “The letters were issued as a form of Church Discipline” — COME AGAIN? First of all, discipline (according to Scripture) is for those who are living in UNREPENTANT SIN — NOT sick and shut-in mothers in the Church. Nowhere in the letter did it state that your aunt is living in unrepentant sin of any sort, so what is she being “disciplined” for?? Secondly, Derrick Mike has NO AUTHORITY (according to Scripture) to carry out some sort of abusive and twisted form of “discipline” based on a man-made policy, and a man-made concept of “church membership” that isn’t biblical in the first place. In other words, Derrick Mike, nor any other religious leader, has authority to ‘discipline’ someone for not keeping man-made rules and mere human standards.

      The fact that Derrick Mike persists in DEFENDING this deplorable behavior shows that he is stiff-necked, blind, unrepentant, without conscience or remorse — and therefore, unfit and unqualified to lead and he ought to be relieved of his administrative duties and position immediately. Anyone who remains under his wayward and dictatorial leadership at this point, does so to their own detriment. Like Jesus said, if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into the ditch.

      1. Our great-great grandmother was one of the pioneers of this church, before its’ present structure. Since, the 1800’s our family has served faithfully there. Mrs. Josephine King knows us very well. For the first time in its’ history, none of our family members are present in First AB Church, because we refuse to be a part of what is currrently going on in the church, or in its demise.

      2. It is so sad to hear that this has happened at First AB Church. You all are in our prayers. God bless you for having the spiritual fortitude to withdraw from such wickedness.

      3. Thanks for your prayers and blessings Evelyn. We are deeply sadened by the current condition of the church; but we have peace and comfort in knowing that we did the right thing, and that ‘The Lord’ removed us because of the very wickedness that everyone else is now witnessing.

    2. No. He thinks he is above apologizing. But I assure you, he will answer to ‘GOD’ for these things.

  12. This is not God’s way, this is the way of hypocrites and like the money changers in the Temple that Jesus threw out. They too should be thrown out for they are not of Christ or our God.

    1. Exactly, Mabel. According to the true bylaws of the church, they are supposed to have been removed.

    2. These people prefer position, title, and recognition, over ‘praise’. Like the Pharisees spoken of in the Bible, they are ‘hypocrites’.

  13. I would like to thank you for giving this story light. The lady that you are speaking of is my aunt. She is my grandmother’s older sister. To meet her you know that this is a woman that is filled with God. She is more than likely to be sitting in the front with her cane and all giving praise throughout the service. One of my cousins who helps to take care of my Aunt Jo passed the letter on to her daughter to which she notified all of us. Like you we are mortified at the treatment that she is receiving. She has been going to this church since the 60’s. She has been sickly lately which is the only reason she has not been able to attend. She is in good spirits but underneath it all that has got to be hurtful. If you can’t find peace in the church then what is this world coming too. So again I thank you for your passion in this article. We are trying to expose these practices not only for my aunt but for others who don’t have a family like my aunt. And who will take a letter like this sitting down. They should be ashamed of themselves. And every chance I get I tell that man. I blame everybody who signed the letter as well. You stand for nothing you will fall for anything.

    This aint no work of the Lord.

    Thank you again from my family.

    1. Thank you Melanie. I am so upset and grieved about what happened to your aunt. Please know that we are praying for her. The Lord is holding her up and giving her strength, but as you said, it is still hurtful nonetheless. . . so please let me know how the body of Christ can support her besides praying for her. If it’s okay with your aunt, I would like to send her something. Please email me at We are one body, and when one of us suffers, we all suffer together and should respond with compassion. God bless you, your aunt and your family~

    2. That letter of removal that they sent out to your aunt Joe, and other members, Melanie, aren’t even in the ‘original’ church bylaws. They don’t follow the bylaws themselves, but try to manipulate them for their own purposes. Your aunt Jo, like others of us, have copies of the ‘original’ bylaws.

  14. It would be great if someone could follow on how Pastor Mike destroyed another church in Albany, Ga. He wrote letters to members removing them from the church. A once thriving church with hundreds of active members is struggling with less than 20 members. Pastor Mike is still the pastor.

    1. The same thing at First AB. On any given Sunday, you might be able to count 20 people in the whole congregation.

  15. In the Bible the word church used three different ways: First, as the body of Christ, the church is often defined as a local assembly or group of believers (1 Corinthians 1:2; 2 Corinthians 1:1; Galatians 1:1-2). Second, it is defined as the body of individual living believers (1 Corinthians 15:9; Galatians 1:13). Finally, it is defined as the universal group of all people who have trusted Christ through the ages (Matthew 16:18; Ephesians 5:23-27).

    This action is outside of all three… this group needs prayer and i hope someone to help lead them away from the wide path they are on.

    1. It’s just baffling Tim. Here is a comment about the new “pastor.”

      “I just talked to Gerald. He said that the new pastor that I met is the (profanity removed) that is getting rid of all the sick and shut in members. There was another pastor that won the vote 14-12 to be the new pastor and they had the sheriff to remove him. That man would go to see the older members that couldn’t always get to church. So this young (profanity removed) is basically removing all persons that will oppose the (profanity removed) he does. If Aunt Joe has an opinion on something, she ain’t biting her tongue and she shouldn’t.”

      Looks like they have a dictator on their hands, and some are going along with it.

      1. Gerald is correct. Another pastor was voted in shortly before Mike, by a majority vote. But the hellraisers in the church confiscated the ballots and ripped them up. Before that, they changed the locks on the doors of the church’s parsonage, to keep the pastor out, and immediately after the vote, they had the locks on the doors of the church, itself, changed, that not only kept the pastor out, but members also. They even made threats and told the pastor lies to keep him from accepting the pastorship. When none of their wicked devices worked, they called in the police, and told them a bunch of lies to have the pastor removed from the church.
        These officers were just as wrong as these people for first of all, interrupting a preacher during a sermon, and for choosing to believe these people, rather than other members, including the pastor, who tried to explain to them that the church had called this man to be their pastor.
        Derrick Mike was there and witnessed these things, because the hellraisers had called him in to preach that Sunday, knowing that the church had already called a pastor.

      2. There is documentation of these events, along with names of the perpetrators. There were a room full of witnesses, besides. Unfortunately, no one went to the local news with the story.

  16. This is sad but Jesus said that they would remove you from the synagogue thinking they are doing a service to God

  17. Where is the Holy Spirit in this “church?”
    Widows & orphans were to be looked after, not booted out.
    Might as well be a member of a weekly bid-whisk club.

    1. I asked myself the same question. This is so obviously wrong and cruel, I am wondering why anyone there agrees with it and tolerates it.

      1. The so-called ‘Christians’ in the church are either asleep, complacent, indifferent, concerned about their reputations, or just affraid. Those who did stand up against this evil have moved on to greener pastures.

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