On January 8th, 2015 at 3:17 pm, Nigerian false prophet TB Joshua (the leader of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations) posted a YouTube video on his official Facebook page claiming that he ‘prophesied’ of the recent Islamic terrorist attack in Paris, France.

tb joshuaThe alleged ‘prophecy’ was given during Sunday service on April 20th, 2014. You can hear the ‘prophecy’ for yourself in the video below.

Unfortunately, TB Joshua fans were impressed by this so-called ‘prophecy’ and they posted over 200 comments on this particular Facebook status praising him as if he’s Jesus or the 2nd coming of Moses.

If you are a TB Joshua fan, please know that this was NOT a prophecy from God spoken by a humble servant of God. It was a false prophecy spoken by a prideful opportunist who uses tragedy and human suffering to promote himself.

Pay attention and put on your thinking caps. We’re going to use discernment, investigate, and dissect this false prophecy piece by piece.

The YouTube video in question begins with a narrator saying, “On Sunday April 20th, 2014, during a live Sunday service at The SCOAN, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a prophetic message concerning an attack which he saw would occur in a French-speaking country.”

The video then proceeds with an excerpt of T.B. Joshua speaking at the April 20th, 2014 Sunday service. He said, “In a French country, this is France, I’m seeing an attack; there will be an attack there. They should take note of Wednesday and Thursday. I will ask them to play it on Emmanuel TV.” 

The narrator continues, “The following week, during The SCOAN live service, on Sunday 27th April, 2014, Prophet T.B. Joshua spoke further about the vision God had given him concerning the French-speaking country. He mentioned that the perpetrators were still in town and specified the location in which he saw the attack occur  – Paris, the capital city of France.”

The video then proceeds with an excerpt of T.B. Joshua speaking at the April 27th, 2014 Sunday service. He said, “The nation, a French-speaking country which I said last Sunday – these people are still in the town – French-speaking. I was saying last week in Paris, that was the location I saw last week.”

Okay, so. . . . way back in April of 2014, T.B. Joshua claimed that God gave him a vision of an attack in Paris, France which would happen on Wednesday and Thursday.

I thought to myself, if God truly gave someone an urgent vision or prophecy about an attack in Paris, France, then surely they would warn as many people as they can BEFORE it happens. So, let me see if T.B. Joshua posted this so-called ‘prophecy’ on his official YouTube channel (Emmanuel TV) way back in April of 2014 to warn the public.

So I searched through ALL of the videos that were posted in 2014 on T.B. Joshua’s official YouTube Channel (Emmanuel TV), and I did not find the videos of the Sunday services on April 20th and 27th where he gave this false prophecy. I did not find ANY videos alerting the public of an attack in Paris, France.

Well, that’s awful strange.

This man has an international platform, so he is able to warn hundreds of thousands and even millions of people. Yet he did not proclaim this so-called ‘urgent prophecy’ anywhere on his YouTube channel.

Then I decided to check T.B. Joshua’s official Facebook page to see if he warned the public beforehand about an attack in Paris, France. So I searched through ALL of his Facebook statuses from 2014 and there were not ANY posts about an attack in Paris, France.

Well now, that’s really really strange.

This man claims to be “God’s mouthpiece to the nations” with an urgent ‘prophecy’ about an attack in Paris, France. Yet he didn’t warn the nations about it beforehand. He only spoke about it in vague terms in front of his Nigerian audience. He had the ability and the opportunity to warn the nation that this alleged ‘prophecy’ pertained to, yet he did not warn them. This is your first RED FLAG.

The prophets of old warned the public about urgent events BEFOREHAND, so that people would know what was going to happen ahead of time, be prepared and have a chance to repent and turn to God before disaster struck.

The prophets of old did not publicly announce urgent events AFTER the fact. There is no point in publicly announcing a so-called ‘prophecy’ about an attack in Paris, France AFTER it has already happened and people have already died.

The only purpose that I can see in publicly announcing a so-called ‘prophecy’ AFTER it happens, is to promote one’s self and make one’s self look like a prophet.

Now onto the next problem with this false prophecy. . .

T.B. Joshua said, “I’m seeing an attack; there will be an attack there.”

Can you be more specific? Who is going to attack who? And why? How many people will be attacked? What year will this happen? I need some details. Yanno, like the prophets of old.

When the prophets of old warned God’s people about future attacks, God specified WHO was going to launch the attack, WHEN they were going to attack, WHICH DIRECTION they would attack from, HOW MANY people would be attacked, the type of WEAPONS they would use to carry out their attack, and WHY they would attack.

Yet T.B. Joshua’s alleged ‘prophecy’ was general, vague and non-specific. The only thing he said that was specific was “Paris, France.” He could not have received a ‘vision’ from God, because the true and living God would have shown him more details and specifics.

False prophets are notorious for giving general, vague, non-specific false prophecies. Anyone can do that. It does not make you a prophet of God.

I can say that there will be an attack in Nigeria on Monday or Tuesday. Does that make me a prophetess or a mouthpiece to the nations? Of course not. Considering all of the political and religious conflicts in Nigeria, it is very easy for someone to predict that there will be an attack there on any given day of the week. But that does not make someone a prophet.

In like manner, considering the well-documented rising conflicts in Paris, France — particularly between the native French and Muslims, it was very easy for T.B. Joshua to predict that there would be an attack there.



As a matter of fact, if you Google “April 2014 news Islam France”, you will see news articles about the native French being under attack in Muslim areas. Anyone who is paying attention to what is going on in France knows that at any given moment, an Islamic terrorist attack can pop off. You don’t have to be a prophet to predict that an attack will eventually happen.

The sad thing is that opportunists like T.B. Joshua exploit unrest and turmoil in France and Nigeria to promote himself and posture as a prophet. This is very narcissistic and despicable.

If he really cared about the French, then he would have warned them. Yet as I have already shown above, he did not say anything to them. He only said something in front of his supporters to promote himself and put them in admiration of him. This is your second RED FLAG.

Something else that I find odd is that during the same time frame as the Islamic attack in Paris, France — over 2,000 people were slaughtered by Boko Haram (an Islamic terrorist group) in Baga, Borno State, Nigeria.


So we’re suppose to believe that the Lord showed T.B. Joshua that there would be an attack in Paris, France which is almost 3,000 miles away from Lagos, Nigeria. Yet He didn’t show T.B. Joshua that thousands of his native countrymen would be viciously slaughtered in the same time frame in Baga, Borno State, Nigeria and that two towns would be wiped clean off the map by Boko Haram. I hope that this doesn’t make any sense to you, because it sure doesn’t make any sense to me.

God is not going to warn you about an attack on a different continent and not tell you about an even DEADLIER attack in the same time frame in your own country. He simply does not operate like that. This is your third RED FLAG.

My heart goes out to the people in Borno State, Nigeria and those who have lost loved ones to the barbaric attacks of Boko Haram. Many of them are living in fear, poverty, disappointment, and hopelessness. Their own government and military are ill-equipped to handle Boko Haram. And worst of all, the most prominent religious leaders in Nigeria are ill-equipped to minister to them. They are more concerned about showboating, power-posturing, capitalizing on tragedy, and portraying themselves as the 2nd coming of Moses.

This is not the fruit of the Spirit. This is not the mind of Christ. This is not the anointing. This is not true prophecy.

True prophecy always includes a call to repent and turn to God who is our only hope and salvation. Yet nowhere in T.B. Joshua’s  false prophecy about the attack on Paris, France did he instruct anyone to repent and believe the Gospel. He did not instruct anyone to turn to Jesus Christ and place their hope in only Him and not in the government, the military, occultism, or money. This is the biggest RED FLAG of all.

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy. If a so-called ‘prophecy’ doesn’t point people to Jesus Christ and His testimony which is His Word, then it isn’t from God. It’s from the flesh or demons.

This recent publicity stunt by T.B. Joshua proves that he is a cruel self-centered man and an opportunist. An opportunist is someone who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage. His goal was to lift himself up, not the Lord Jesus Christ. And sadly, he succeeded, because people were worshiping him as if he were the greatest prophet in history.

Shame on them for idolizing a mere man. And shame on T.B. Joshua for exploiting human suffering to promote himself online.

Thus says the Lord of hosts, “Do not listen to the words of the prophets who are prophesying to you. They are leading you into futility; They speak a vision of their own imagination, Not from the mouth of the Lord.” (Jeremiah 23:16)

4 thoughts on “Opportunist TB Joshua Uses Islamic Terrorist Attack In Paris To Promote Himself Online

    1. Is it? If so, 1. it was vague and general, not SPECIFIC like Biblical prophecy. 2. he STILL didn’t warn France (he only made vague statements in front of his listeners) 3. there was NO call to repentance and NO call to believe the Gospel and place faith in Jesus Christ 4. strangely, there was NO mention of a deadlier attack in Baga 5. it only served to lift up TB Joshua and not the Lord of Glory.

      Thank you for reading

  1. Hey Mrs. E, good article here too. Never heard of TB until now, though this sort of exploitation thing looks familiar. I recently got an email invite 2 weeks ago to watch a 5-hour CCM concert live that was suppose to (not sure…”support”) Christians in Iraq. I quit watching, and didn’t feel right. The majority of the time was spent mentioning and celebrating 90s music artists and brands. I liked the artists-dont get me wrong- but I wasnt educated about Iraqi Christians, I didnt see a phone number flashing on the screen to donate, didnt hear real testimonies and wasnt asked to pray. I guess my credibility isn’t as strong since I didn’t sit through it, but…I couldn’t LOL.
    What really made me “turn the dial” was that I recalled nothing being done by CCM for Christians affected by Boko Haram or Ebola in Nigeria. I guess that’s Kirk Franklin’s/EntertainmentOne’s/Tyscot’s/ReachRecords’ job, just as Haiti was. Picking and choosing. Or shoving. One reason why the color divide still exists. I’ll stop.

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